• September 7, 2022


Joshinko is used to make Steamed Cakes, Mitarashi Dumplings, Kashiwa Mochi, etc. The trademark and registration number on the Joshinko packaging made me want to pick up the product.


I enjoyed Joshinko made into Steamed Cakes and Mitarashi Dumplings.
The “Kyo-nokambutsuya” is a registered trademark of Sanada Co., Ltd (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 5034924).
I am interested in the “Kyoーnohoshiimoya (Kyo-no- Dried Sweet Potato- ya)” product (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6580836) and the “Protein Kinako ” product (Trademark application filed on April 13, 2022), and other products that Sanada Co., Ltd. owns. (Raspberry)

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