Partial design of the mask

  • 2020年10月27日


Partial design is one of the effective means for applying for design registration.
By using the partial design system, the scope of rights can be the shape, pattern, color, etc. of only the part of the entire article that is to be registered as a design.
The part other than the part for which the design registration is to be received is also called the “disclaim part”.
In the drawing, for example, the part to be registered as a design is drawn with a solid line, and the disclaimed part is drawn with a broken line.
When filing a color drawing, you can also color-code the disclaimed part to identify it.

For example, the “sanitary mask” disclosed in Japanese Design Registration No. 1540049 (design right holder: Kowa Co., Ltd.), the position, shape, and size of the pleats (folds), welded parts, mesh seals, etc. of the mask body are partial design registered.
On the other hand, the part of the ear strap shown by the broken line is disclaimed. (The names in the figure have been added by the author.)

Therefore, even if a third party implements a mask with the shape of the ear strap changed for the registered design, it will be an infringement if the shape of the mask body is similar.
The mask corresponding to this registered design is commercially available as a “three-dimensional mask”. (Conan)

Apple Watch

  • 2020年10月16日


Under the influence of corona, I feel a lack of exercise these days. I bought an Apple Watch to increase my motivation for exercise. Apple Watch is a watch sold by Apple Inc. which is based in the United States. I was surprised to find out that the many of the functions are the same as that of a cell phone, although the size is the same as that of a wristwatch that I usually wear. I wear it on my day-offs and thought it would be a great alternative to a cell phone when going for a bit of walking or running.

Apple Watch is registered as a design and its Japanese Design Registration No. is 1539652. There is also a related design registration as the Japanese Design Registration No. 1549019. I can’t help but to keep an eye on Apple products that are being upgraded one after another. (Rabbit)

Hair Dryer

  • 2020年07月15日


Before, when I traveled with my family, I found a hair dryer that I had never seen before in the public bath at the accommodation.
The dryer had no blades and had a hollow in the middle. I’d seen a fan without a blade on a TV commercial before, so I knew it was Dyson.
The name of this dryer is Dyson Supersonic Ionic Hair Dryer. The price is quite high at USD470 (tax included). When I tried using it, I felt that the wind power was stronger and the hair dried faster than the one I used at home.
This dryer is registered under Design Registration No. 1513825.
If you are interested, you can find the information on J-plat pat. (Rabbit)

Pavement block

  • 2020年06月10日


Let me introduce a design which you can casually see.
Today, I would like to introduce “Pavement blocks”.
The image below shows the perspective view (Image 1) and a reference diagram showing the usage (Image 2).

In the usage diagram, there is the green area (緑化部) between the pavement blocks(本物品) which makes the pavement block like force behind the edge because you can only see the surface with your eyes.
It is Japanese Design Registration No. 1417594.
If you are interested in the registered information, see the following link (J-PlatPat) for more information. (shou)