• 2021年12月05日

#Inventions of the Day

I would like to introduce an invention that is closely related to today, December 5th. This time, I would like to introduce the air defense radar invented by Sir Robert Alexander Watson Watt (1892.4.13~1973.12.5), a British electronics engineer and inventor. Robert Watson-Watt died 48 years ago today in Inverness, Scotland.

After studying engineering at university, Robert Watson-Watt worked on radio communications for the British Meteorological Office and other organizations. In 1935, as Nazi Germany was on the rise, he proposed an electromagnetic aircraft detection system to the British Air Ministry, which he tested in February, patented in April, and by the end of the year had increased its range to 60 miles (97 km). For this achievement, he was awarded the title of Knight in 1942.
As a result of this technology and air defense radar equipment, the British won the Battle of Britain in 1940. Later, in 1941, he was dispatched to the United States to advise on air defense systems after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Incidentally, there is a theory that Robert Watson-Watt is a descendant of James Watt, who improved the steam engine and sparked the Industrial Revolution (Japanese Wikipedia), but there seems to be no clear evidence (English Wikipedia).

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