Tube container patent

  • 2021年02月24日


Hello. This is Hiro.
I bought wasabi in a tube container, made and sold by S&B Foods Inc., with the patent number displayed.

When you open the cap, you can see that the shape around the screw part of the container and the inside of the cap have some designs to them.

Thanks to the locking part, it is difficult to loosen when the cap is closed, and it will not open without permission. Also, thanks to the screw part divided into four in the circumferential direction, it can be easily opened with a slight twist of the cap. In addition, the vertical grooves make it easy to crush the tip of the container and squeeze out the wasabi.

By the way, the problem to be solved by the invention of Japanese Patent No. 660532 is, “Compared to the conventional invention, the impact of outward convex of the container body constituting the loosening part just before overcoming the inward part of the lid is to be made stronger and the force required for this is to be increased. Furthermore, the distance to be overcome is shortened, thereby making the clearer feeling when the lid is closed.” Certainly, when you close the cap, you can clearly feel that it is closed.
I am surprised that such tube containers, which have been around for a long time, have been improved and made easier to use.

The detailed contents of this patent can be found at the link below (J-PlatPat).
Japanese Patent No. 6006532 (Click “English” at the top right of the page)
“Container and packaged food”.

Patent: Pancake mix

  • 2021年01月27日

#patent #trademark

Since cake is my favorite food, I checked on patents for cake. When I looked up for cakes that were registered as patent, I found Japanese Patent Registration No. 5771385, [Title of the invention] The arrangement mix of hot cake mixes, and premixed foods, whose owner is Morinaga & Co.,Ltd.

Morinaga & Co., Ltd.’s hot cake mix is available at the store I usually go to, and you can easily purchase them.
When I looked at the package of the pancake mix, the JPA (Japan Premix Association) mark was printed. The Japan Premix Association has established the JPA mark from the standpoint of “recognizing awareness and responsibility as a member and contributing to consumers”, and the display is being carried out to the products of member companies after undergoing trademark procedures to the Japan Patent Office.

Internet application system for entrance examinations

  • 2021年01月22日


In the Intellectual Property industry where we are, patent application, design registration application, trademark registration application would come to our mind when we use the word “application”. However, in the general society, many people may think of the procedure of mailing the application forms and surveys to take an examination for high school or university. Recently, Internet applications have become more common in applying for entrance examinations.

Under such circumstances, the invention “Matching method of application data and survey report data”, which focused on improving the business of sending the survey report of the examinee from the entry school to the applying school and accepting the survey report, was registered last year in June and August. It was registered as Japanese Patent Registration No. 6715423 and Japanese Patent Registration No. 6752480 (Patent holder: At System Co., Ltd.) With these inventions, it is possible to shorten the working hours of teachers and school clerical staff, as well as preventing data entry errors during transcription work.

From the viewpoint of patent application procedure, it is noteworthy that these two patent applications are subject to the exception of loss of novelty for the presentation before filing and for request for accelerated examination. Therefore, Japanese Patent Registration No. 6715423 was registered in about 7 months after filing, and Japanese Patent Registration No. 6752480 was registered only in about 4 months after filing. According to the patentee’s homepage (URL below), it seems that the system has already been adopted by many schools.

The examination season is coming soon. If any of the students who are viewing this blog are taking the exam, be careful of your physical condition and do your best. (Conan)
(At System Co., Ltd. Homepage (Japanese))
(Website for Internet application system, school operation support system (Japanese))

Glasses that don’t hang on your nose

  • 2021年01月13日


The other day, when I stopped by at the Gozaisho service area, I saw a photo signboard. It seems the temples, not the nose, tuck the sides of the face to support the glasses. I thought this was very good because the nose pad would leave marks on my face and remove my makeup.

The sign says “Patent pending”, so I looked it up on J-PlatPat, and there was a patent filed by iZone Japan Co., Ltd., the original seller of the product.
(Japanese Patent Publication No. 2020-95243, Japanese Patent No. 6749712)

The patent was published in 2020, and it had already been registered by then, so when checking the progress information, it seems that it was the subject of super accelerated examination.

If you meet the requirements of (1) and (2), an application will be subject to the super accelerated examination.
(1) Being both an “implementation-related application” and a “foreign-related application”, or being both an application by a venture company and being an “implementation-related application”
(2) The application must be an online procedure for all procedures performed after 4 weeks before the application for super accelerated examination.

For details on Super Accelerated Examination, please refer to “Procedures for Super Accelerated Examination” on the JPO website. (Marron)
(Japanese only)
(Q & A about Super Accelerated Examination by Google translation)

The idea twist! ~The world of automatic driving~

  • 2020年12月07日


Wouldn’t you like to utilize such technology?
There are many surface processing technologies in the world that block electromagnetic waves that cause noise.
On the contrary, there is a rare value to a surface treatment technology which transmits the millimeter waves emitted by the millimeter wave radar, and is also blindfolded (blocks the eyesight), and the appearance is beautiful!
We can introduce to you a Japanese company that provides such rare and valuable technologies.
If you are interested, please contact us (Hattori & Partners).
“Millimeter wave radar” irradiates millimeter waves (wavelengths of electromagnetic waves is 1 to 10 mm) and It is widely used for automatic driving with a measuring device that measures the distance from an obstacle to the time it takes for it to reflect off an object and return. (rice ball)


  • 2020年11月27日

#design #patent #trademark #utility model

Hello. This is Hiro.
The latest generation of PlayStation 5 (PS5), the home video game console, was released the other day (November 12, 2020). The number of people who wanted to purchase it exceeded that of the initial shipment, making it difficult to obtain. However, I was lucky enough to win the reservation lottery and got it on the release date.

High resolution and high frame rate image output, load time significantly shortened by adopting high-speed SSD, controller using high-precision haptic technology (tactile technology), 3D audio technology, and a lot of other latest technology are put in place, and the performance is greatly improved, compared to PlayStation 4 (PS4). Perhaps because I work on the patent field, I’m more interested in what kind of technology is currently used in game consoles and how far game-related technology has advanced, rather than playing the game itself. After playing with it for a while, I was particularly surprised by the haptic technology of the controller. The controller vibrates in various patterns and the repulsive force of the button changes according to the scene and situation in the game. It’s clearly different from the existing vibration technology. I felt that I could have an unprecedented gaming experience.

I searched patents and utility models on J-PlatPat by entering “Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.” (actually I could only type in up to 20 characters of the name due to the character number limit) in “Applicant / Right holder / Author Affiliation” column and 876 domestic documents were found (585 when narrowed down by “Registration date”). Some of the technologies described in these references may be used on the PS5.

Then, in the design search of J-PlatPat, when the same input was entered in the “Applicant / Right holder” field and searched, 55 domestic publications were found. The latest registration example (Design Registration No. 1671045) seems to be compatible with the wireless headset released on the same day as the PS5 main unit. In the future, there is a possibility that design registration and publication will be published for PS5 main units and controllers with innovative designs.

Furthermore, in the trademark search of J-PlatPat, when the same entry was made in the “Applicant / Right holder” field and the search was performed, 535 application / registration information was hit.

The “PS” logo (No. 4440718-2), “PS5” logo (Trademark application 2020-14898), and “PlayStation” (No. 5698539, etc.) are displayed on the right side from the center on the package front.

It can be seen that the “PS” logo (No. 4440718-2) is recognized as a well-known trademark because the same mark is registered as a defensive mark (No. 4440718-2 Protective No. 01, etc.).

Regarding the “PS5″ logo (trademark application 2020-14898), the trademark application was filed in Jamaica on December 2, 2019, secured a priority date, and then was filed in Japan on February 12, 2020, claiming the priority of the Paris Convention. This might have been done because when applying in Jamaica, it is difficult for the applied trademark to be known to the general public or others”, so that the “PS5” logo would not be known to the general public until the announcement date, outside Jamaica. Also, this is thought to be due to reasons such as preventing other people from preemptively applying for and registering in other countries. The “PS5” logo was announced at the consumer electronics trade fair “CES 2020” (Las Vegas, USA) on January 7, 2020, after the filing date for Jamaica and before the filing date for Japan.

Muscle Training with Power Ball

  • 2020年11月11日

#intellectual property #patent #utility model

There have been less opportunities to do exercise or muscle training, I purchased an easy-to-use training equipment.
It is called a “Power Ball” or “Wrist Ball” and is used by holding with one hand.

It has a double structure of a ball and an outer ball that wraps it, and after winding a power spring to start the ball, turning the wrist to match the rotation of the ball will increase the number of rotations of the ball. , The gyro effect creates a force that causes the outer ball to move. By countering that force, you can strengthen your muscles.

Depending on how you hold it, you can train from your fingertips to your upper arm, but unlike training equipment such as dumbbells, you can train without overloading your muscles. Because it is small, there is no need to worry about the storage space. There is also a function to change the color and emit light according to the number of rotations, and to display the number of rotations and rotation speed.

When I opened the attached instruction manual, there was the word “patent”.

I haven’t seen many products with numbers lined up by country. It seems that 3 cases are registered in Japan. When I searched for Japanese numbers on J-PatPat, all three were registered as utility models. (Syszo)

Empty can satellite

  • 2020年11月06日


Hello. It’s Swimmer.
I saw the news that there was a lecture of which a camera and a sensor were attached to a can of drinking water, dropped it from the drone, and see if it works properly.
It seems this was a preparation for a high school student tournament, expected to be held in Fukui prefecture in November of this year, where they will compete for the performance of their own artificial satellites.
The gadgets were made with easily available materials, and the experiment site was the school playground. It became a challenge for them to think themselves and make efforts to get the results. It was very fun and interesting news.
Previously, satellites flying from town factories to space were talked about, but I hope that the dreams of young people who look to science that will lead to patented technology that enriches our lives will grow greatly.

Reference news
High school students make artificial satellite with empty cans

Magical foot cover

  • 2020年10月21日


I don’t feel comfortable with stockings, so I use foot covers especially during the hot seasons. The foot cover I bought the other day said “patented” in Japan.

When I looked up the patents of Gunze Co., Ltd., the company that sold these foot covers on J-PlatPat, there were several patents related to foot covers. I didn’t know which patent was the foot cover I bought because the patent number wasn’t written on the product label, but I felt once again that the efforts of these companies support a comfortable daily life. (Marron)

At Gacha Gacha no Mori

  • 2020年10月07日


“Gacha Gacha no Mori”, which was newly opened in Asunal Kanayama in front of Kanayama Central Station, is a capsule-toy-specialized store with many capsule toy machines piled up.

From popular character mascots to things you would be surprised to find as a toy, there are more capsule toys than you can imagine, such as miniature figures, and you will be thrilled just by looking at them.
Usually, there is a box to return empty capsules, so I looked around and found it!

It’s a simple mechanism of inserting an empty capsule from the capsule inlet, rolling three slopes and dropping it into the collection box that seems to be installed inside, but it is playful and makes you want to insert the capsule. Put unnecessary paper and plastics in another slot and roll the capsule. This makes sorting fun and easy, and easy processing after collection. With this system, there is only merit for both the customer and the shop assistant.

And there it was! The word “patent application is in processing” is in the upper right corner of the recycling box!
Japanese Patent Application No. 2020-116620
From the application number, it seems that the application was made around July this year. Since it has not been published yet, I cannot see the contents of the invention on J-PlatPat, but I am interested in what kind of patent application it is.
By the way, the goods that I got of Gacha Gacha are not disclosed ♪ (Cacao)