Resin Accessories

  • 2021年07月21日


An old friend of mine has been making accessories with UV resin.
UV resin is a special resin solution that hardens under UV light.
After pouring the UV resin solution into a mold of your choice, you can put your favorite small objects in the mold, or you can color the UV resin solution itself and then expose it to UV light to harden it into your original accessory.

Even though it is just a resin solution, if you look into it, you will find that different manufacturers have different technologies, such as ease of hardening, blending with inclusions, durability, etc. that Patents for manufacturing methods have been applied.
There are many kits available at general stores and stationery stores in town, and you may see them, but I feel that it is a very deep world where the sense of the creator is important because it is easy to make. (Swimmer)

Easy Note

  • 2021年06月02日


Shortly after the beginning of the new semester, I found one of the teaching materials that my child brought back from school that said, “patented product”. On the front cover, it was labeled “Repeating Keisan Drill Raku Raku Note(Repeating Calculation Workbook Easy Note)”, and a nostalgic illustration of “3-chome Tama” on it.

I wondered what kind of content was in the patent on the notebook, so I looked it up on the familiar J-Plat Pat, and the summary said, “To provide exercise notebooks and problem practice materials that allow students to learn how to properly write and use notebooks by solving problems using problem workbooks.”

I looked through the contents of the workbook, and even in them, I could see the ingenuity that went into making it easy for children to learn and write. I was impressed that this was a great invention, and I was reminded again that there are various forms of invention. (Marigold)

Japanese Patent Registration Number: 5031612
Introduction page of Easy Note (Shingakusha Co. Ltd.) (Japanese)

Support your new life

  • 2021年04月14日

#patent #trademark

From March to April, the phrase “new life support” are often seen in electric appliance shops and home centers. Not only when you move to a new land, but also when you commute from the same home as before, if your school or workplace changes, you will start a new life. You need products and services to support your new life.

Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd., a furniture and interior company, applied for the picture trademark below in October last year (2020) (Japanese Trademark Application No.2020-32144), and is awaiting examination as of the end of March 2021. I saw it used for store shelves and leaflets.

In addition, when I searched for “new life” in the patent as a keyword, I found the invention of “real estate information providing device” (Japanese Patent No. 6626166). It is to appropriately provide property information that meets the needs of users. In paragraph [0047], it is written “In addition, the user selects the requirements that he / she wants to emphasize, the requirements that he / she wants to have, the requirements that he / she thinks are indispensable for his / her new life, and the requirements where he / she seeks comfort in a new way of living.”

I think starting a new life in the corona crisis is more anxious than usual, but there are various new life support products and services around. Why don’t you use them effectively? (Conan)


  • 2021年04月07日

#design #patent

My child has become crazy about volleyball lately, partly due to the influence of the anime “Haikyu !!”. The ball we have at home is from Mikasa Corporation, and it seems to correspond to the Design Registration No. 1318937.

However, looking at Mikasa’s homepage, it seems that the one with design registration No. 1574960 is currently the mainstream. The one with this design also had a “patent registration” label. When I searched with J-PlatPat, I found some patents of Mikasa Corporation. I was not sure which patent corresponded to this volleyball, but I realized once again that the things that children use on a daily basis are also supported by intellectual property. (Marron)

Mikasa Corporation:

Note: “Haikyu !!” is a registered Japanese trademark of Shueisha.

Anniversary associated with Intellectual Property

  • 2021年03月24日

#intellectual property #patent #patent attorney

The theme is “Introduction to Intellectual Property”, but today I would like to introduce anniversaries related to intellectual property.
First, I would like to ask you a question. How many do you know?

April 18, Invention Day (Japan)
April 23, World Book Day / Copyright Day (UNESCO)
April 26, World Intellectual Property Day (World Intellectual Property Organization)
July 1, Patent Attorney’s Day (Japan)
July 22, Copyright System Day (Japan)
August 1, Aichi Invention Day (Aichi Prefecture)
August 14, Exclusive Patent Day (Japan)
November 18, Music Copyright Day (Japan)

It seems that there are many anniversaries in April and the hot season for some reason. Looking overseas, there is Inventor’s Day. In the United States, for example, Thomas Edison’s birthday is Inventor’s Day.

April is coming soon. This year too, the day of invention, the day of world intellectual property rights, will come. In Japan, every year, one week including Invention Day is designated as Science and Technology Week. It may be a good idea to think about inventions and science in this season when the weather is getting better. (blink)

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Work experience at a patent office

  • 2021年03月19日

#intellectual property #patent #patent attorney

At KidZania Tokyo, where children can experience work, “patent office” will open for a limited time!
This is a limited event from March 19th to 25th during “Patent Attorneys Week” held by the Japan Patent Attorneys Association and the planning and management company of KidZania.
It will be the first time that a work experience of a “patent attorney” has appeared in KidZania.
Participant will become a “patent attorney”, receive a request from the “invention workshop”, create patent application documents as an agent, and confirm the examination result at the “patent office satellite office”. A registration certificate will be issued, and the participant can take it home as a deliverable.
As a person working at a patent firm, I hope that children will have fun learning about intellectual property and the role of patent attorneys. (Cacao)

<Reference Website>
KidZania Tokyo news page (translated into English)
KidZania Tokyo Official Site|A Real City for Kids! (English)


  • 2021年03月03日


The other day, when I was looking at the JPO public relations magazine “Tokkyo”, published on February 5, 2021, I found a product that caught my eye.
Its name is “Nekojasuri”.

This product is a file for cats to groom that was made to resemble the texture of cats’ tongue. It was made based on the tool manufacturing technology, developed by Wataoka Co., Ltd., a long-established file maker in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, which has been in business for over 120 years.
How flexible the idea of the person who developed it is to associate the tongue of a cat with a file. I envy the person with such an inspiration.

Soon I bought it and gave it to my cat. Meow ❣

My cat is not usually a sweet type, but it is rubbing its head on the file.
It might be of a feeling that cannot be obtained from human hands. (Time)

[Japanese Patent number] No. 6698985
[Registration date] May 7, 2019
[Title of Invention] Massage device for pets

Tube container patent

  • 2021年02月24日


Hello. This is Hiro.
I bought wasabi in a tube container, made and sold by S&B Foods Inc., with the patent number displayed.

When you open the cap, you can see that the shape around the screw part of the container and the inside of the cap have some designs to them.

Thanks to the locking part, it is difficult to loosen when the cap is closed, and it will not open without permission. Also, thanks to the screw part divided into four in the circumferential direction, it can be easily opened with a slight twist of the cap. In addition, the vertical grooves make it easy to crush the tip of the container and squeeze out the wasabi.

By the way, the problem to be solved by the invention of Japanese Patent No. 660532 is, “Compared to the conventional invention, the impact of outward convex of the container body constituting the loosening part just before overcoming the inward part of the lid is to be made stronger and the force required for this is to be increased. Furthermore, the distance to be overcome is shortened, thereby making the clearer feeling when the lid is closed.” Certainly, when you close the cap, you can clearly feel that it is closed.
I am surprised that such tube containers, which have been around for a long time, have been improved and made easier to use.

The detailed contents of this patent can be found at the link below (J-PlatPat).
Japanese Patent No. 6006532 (Click “English” at the top right of the page)
“Container and packaged food”.

Patent: Pancake mix

  • 2021年01月27日

#patent #trademark

Since cake is my favorite food, I checked on patents for cake. When I looked up for cakes that were registered as patent, I found Japanese Patent Registration No. 5771385, [Title of the invention] The arrangement mix of hot cake mixes, and premixed foods, whose owner is Morinaga & Co.,Ltd.

Morinaga & Co., Ltd.’s hot cake mix is available at the store I usually go to, and you can easily purchase them.
When I looked at the package of the pancake mix, the JPA (Japan Premix Association) mark was printed. The Japan Premix Association has established the JPA mark from the standpoint of “recognizing awareness and responsibility as a member and contributing to consumers”, and the display is being carried out to the products of member companies after undergoing trademark procedures to the Japan Patent Office.

Internet application system for entrance examinations

  • 2021年01月22日


In the Intellectual Property industry where we are, patent application, design registration application, trademark registration application would come to our mind when we use the word “application”. However, in the general society, many people may think of the procedure of mailing the application forms and surveys to take an examination for high school or university. Recently, Internet applications have become more common in applying for entrance examinations.

Under such circumstances, the invention “Matching method of application data and survey report data”, which focused on improving the business of sending the survey report of the examinee from the entry school to the applying school and accepting the survey report, was registered last year in June and August. It was registered as Japanese Patent Registration No. 6715423 and Japanese Patent Registration No. 6752480 (Patent holder: At System Co., Ltd.) With these inventions, it is possible to shorten the working hours of teachers and school clerical staff, as well as preventing data entry errors during transcription work.

From the viewpoint of patent application procedure, it is noteworthy that these two patent applications are subject to the exception of loss of novelty for the presentation before filing and for request for accelerated examination. Therefore, Japanese Patent Registration No. 6715423 was registered in about 7 months after filing, and Japanese Patent Registration No. 6752480 was registered only in about 4 months after filing. According to the patentee’s homepage (URL below), it seems that the system has already been adopted by many schools.

The examination season is coming soon. If any of the students who are viewing this blog are taking the exam, be careful of your physical condition and do your best. (Conan)
(At System Co., Ltd. Homepage (Japanese))
(Website for Internet application system, school operation support system (Japanese))