Kaga-bocha (Kaga is a city in Ishikawa prefecture, bocha means twig tea)

  • 2022年11月02日

#Regional Collective Trademark

I went to Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture over the weekend. I went to “Higashi Chaya District” famous for its traditional streets, and “Ohmicho Market,” where you can enjoy seafood. During the trip, I bought a bottle of Kaga-bocha, a type of hojicha (roasted green tea), which was very fragrant and had a deep and delicious flavor. The package of the bottle is also gorgeous and cute, and I liked it.

Kaga-bocha Kaga-bocha_regional collective trademark

On the side of the package, there is an explanation about Kaga-bocha, the last sentence reads, “Kaga-bocha is a regional collective trademark owned by the Ishikawa Prefecture Tea Merchant Industry Cooperative Association”.
A search on J Plat-Pat revealed that the trademark was registered as Japanese Trademark No. 6219164. (Rabbit)

Ishikawa Prefecture Tea Merchant Industry Cooperative Association’s Regional Collective Trademark page (Japanese only)
Kaga-bocha information on Japan Patent Office homepage (Japanese only)