Pokayoke; Ingenuity to prevent accidental mistakes

  • January 20, 2022

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The TV programs I often watch include “0655” and “2355”. The content varies from day to day, but “Pokayoke” is sometimes introduced. “Pokayoke” is a mechanism or device installed in a production line, for example, in a factory to prevent work mistakes (from Wikipedia). “Pokayoke”, a solution to make people notice their mistakes and thus to prevent “Poka”, accidental, small mistakes, may be famous as one of the basic concepts of Toyota Production System. It seems to be sometimes called “Poka-Yoke” even outside Japan.

In the program, one “Pokayoke” was introduced. When cleaning the inside of a large tank, you will go inside with a deck brush, you can prevent forgetting to take out the deck brush by connecting a string to the deck brush and keeping the string out of the tank. With such a little ingenuity, you can prevent big mistakes.

If you search for “Pokayoke” on J-PlatPat, 34 patents and utility models and 10 trademarks will be found. Mistakes are common in any job, not just in the factory production line. I also want to do my daily work while devising with “Pokayoke”. (Syszo)

Pokayoke; Wikipedia:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poka-yoke
E-Tele(NHK) 0655:https://www.nhk.jp/p/e0655/ (Japanese Only)
E-Tele(NHK) 2355:https://www.nhk.jp/p/e2355/ (Japanese Only)

Memories of first writing of the year: Japanese ink culture

  • January 12, 2022


This is swimmer.
In the calligraphy class I attended when I was little, at the occasion of first writing of the year, we used to make ink by rubbing solid inkstick on the inkstone instead of using commercially available ink.
It is often watery even after rubbing it many times, and I remember having a hard time because it did not have the ideal concentration and stickiness.
Every year when New Year time comes, I feel grateful for the convenience of the ink that can be used immediately after pouring it from the container into the inkstone.
The ink was patented in Japan in 1893.

Inkstick – Wikipedia

Approach to trademark registration – A different perspective of a maverick

  • December 27, 2021


Generally, when you develop a new product or service, you will consider various names for the trademark (naming) as to what kind of name you should use.
However, there are some eccentric people who come up with certain names (trademarks) first and then start thinking about what kind of product or service they will provide with it.


The other day, when I went on a trip to Kyoto and looked around the shrines and temples, I met a person who wanted to use the trademark “Kinkakuji” (The Temple of the Golden Pavilion). That person was thinking what kind of product would be profitable or make him/her happy. He/she came up with “Kinkakuji miso”, “Kinkakuji tea”, “Kinkakuji sake” and so on. The person wants to sell products that fit the image of the name and decide on a business that can make profit from trademarks and products.
I think there will be an era in the future for such an approach to trademarks. Let’s start with search and survey. (Rice Ball)

Achilles stick

  • December 22, 2021


“Additive-free quality product / Achilles Stick” is a stick-shaped dog food made from turkey tendon, which my dog loves. According to the product description, it has the effects of (1) strengthening chewing ability and protecting health, (2) maintaining health with natural proteins, and (3) having fun chewing to relieve stress. I feed my dog daily, morning and night, mixed with other general nutrition foods and jerky. First, my dog takes Achilles stick and carry it a little further away to secure his space and then enjoys chewing it hard. Because it is made from a natural ingredient, there are variations in size and shape. There is a difference of several times between large and small pieces, and he takes a long time enjoying it especially when it is a large piece.

Achilles stick

The product was renewed around the fall of this year in 2021, and the package logo was changed from the original “Additive-free quality product / Achilles stick” to “Additive-free quality product / Achilles stick + (plus))”. Prior to that, the seller, DoggyMan H. A. Co., Ltd. filed an application for trademark registration of the standard character “アキレススティック(Achilles Stick)” (the designated goods are pet food and feed) in addition to the original graphic character trademark (Japanese trademark registration No. 5147261). It was registered after responding to the notice of reasons for refusal (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6285888, registered on August 28, 2020). It seems that the examiner has acknowledged that “アキレススティック(Achilles Stick)” is known to consumers and traders as a series of integrated trademarks. (Conan)

Manufacturing method for keeping raw noodles delicious

  • December 15, 2021


“Maruchan Seimen” by from TOYO SUISAN KAISHA, LTD. is one of my favorite instant noodles because the noodles taste good.

Maruchan Seimen

The package says it employs “the special manufacturing method for keeping raw noodles delicious” and the Japanese patent number was written on the back.

Maruchan Seimen

When I looked it up, this patent has been granted under the accelerated examination scheme. After the patent was granted, NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD. became the claimant and filed a trial for invalidation for this patent. The claim 1 was accepted as invalid, but appeal for the claims 2 to 10 were not considered invalid so the patent right was vested. In addition, divisional applications based on this case have been filed up to the 4th generation, and all of them have been registered. Furthermore, an international application has been filed as a PCT application with the Japanese application as the basic application.

When I learned that the ramen noodles I ate casually was supported by the technology protected by making full use of the patent system, I felt that it was more delicious than ever. (Marron)

Cashless Payment

  • December 8, 2021


How do you usually pay? In cash or use cashless payment?
I made a debut in cashless payment this year and started using it regularly. I’ve used credit cards before, but only for expensive purchases and online shopping.

Cashless payment is not only limited to credit cards, but also various methods such as using a transportation IC card and payments with smartphones. Among them, I mainly use QUICPay.


One of the reasons I chose QuickPay is that I can pay with my smartphone.
It’s easy to set up and you can use it just by registering your credit card information in the Apple Wallet on your iPhone.
For a person like me, who always carries an iPhone, the condition of QUICPay which allows smartphone payments suited me well.

As with QUICPay and other cashless payments, it makes a sound when the payment is completed. For example, when you pass through a ticket gate with a transportation IC card, you will hear a beep. If you use QUICPay in the same way, you will hear “QuickPay” sound.

Every time I use QUICPay I hear it, and because I work on intellectual property industry, I thought, “Maybe its sound trademark application has been filed or even it has been registered”, so I looked it up with J Plat-Pat.
Then, JCB Co., Ltd. filed an application in July of this year. (Japanese trademark application No. 2021-85332)
The article on the trademark title says, “This trademark consists of a structure that you can hear an electronic voice saying “Quick pay”, and the total length of the sound is about 1 second.”.

I would like to continue using cashless payment while thinking that it is a payment method that fit with the times of our generation. (Rabbit)

QUICPayご利用ガイド|QUICPay (How to use QUICPay (Japanese only))
J-Plat Pat QUICPay Sound Trademark


  • December 5, 2021

#Inventions of the Day

I would like to introduce an invention that is closely related to today, December 5th. This time, I would like to introduce the air defense radar invented by Sir Robert Alexander Watson Watt (1892.4.13~1973.12.5), a British electronics engineer and inventor. Robert Watson-Watt died 48 years ago today in Inverness, Scotland.

After studying engineering at university, Robert Watson-Watt worked on radio communications for the British Meteorological Office and other organizations. In 1935, as Nazi Germany was on the rise, he proposed an electromagnetic aircraft detection system to the British Air Ministry, which he tested in February, patented in April, and by the end of the year had increased its range to 60 miles (97 km). For this achievement, he was awarded the title of Knight in 1942.
As a result of this technology and air defense radar equipment, the British won the Battle of Britain in 1940. Later, in 1941, he was dispatched to the United States to advise on air defense systems after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Incidentally, there is a theory that Robert Watson-Watt is a descendant of James Watt, who improved the steam engine and sparked the Industrial Revolution (Japanese Wikipedia), but there seems to be no clear evidence (English Wikipedia).

Reference URL
Robert Watson-Watt – Wikipedia


Nippon Maru and Kaiwo Maru

  • November 24, 2021


Earlier this month, I went to see the training ships “Nippon Maru” and “Kaiwo Maru” that entered the port of Nagoya.
This was the first time in four years that the two ships entered the port at the same time, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the Nagoya Port Management Association.
I thought it would be spectacular to see the ships with their sails unfurled up close, but I was a little disappointed when I arrived at Nagoya Port to find that there would be no sails unfurled during the port call.
However, even without the sails, it was spectacular!

Nippon Maru Kaiwo Maru
L=Nippon Maru,R=Kaiwo Maru

The Kaiwo Maru was not on display, so I could not see it from the side, but I was able to get a closer look at the Nippon Maru, which is so big that it would be difficult to capture them together in a frame unless you were very far away.

The two ships that stopped at the port are both second generation, the first having been retired and now preserved at the Nippon Maru Memorial Park in Yokohama Port and the Kaiwomaru Park in Toyama New Port, respectively. The Nippon Maru is designated as a national important cultural property.

A search on J-PlatPat yielded several hits for the trademarks “Sailing Ship Nippon Maru” and “Kaiwo Maru”. They are owned by a foundation that operates and manages the park that preserves the first sailing ship.

Unfortunately, the sky was cloudy, but it was neither too hot nor too cold, just a nice day to enjoy the sea breeze.
The Nagoya Marine Riders, who came to watch the Nippon Maru from the ocean side, also made an appearance. (Cacao)

Nagoya Marine Riders

JMETS (jmets.j-server.com)
How to get to the English page of the website
Click on the link (this will open the Japanese website)
Click “Foreign Languages” on the top left
Choose the language (English)

English – 帆船日本丸・横浜みなと博物館 (nippon-maru.or.jp)
Guide to Kaiwomaru Park|海王丸パーク

Pokémon Center

  • November 17, 2021


The most exciting thing for my children was the reopening of the Pokémon Center after the state of emergency was cancelled. Even before the state of emergency was declared, Pokémon Center was crowded with people from small children to the elderly, but it had been closed during the declaration of the state of emergency. The Pokémon Center is an attractive place for children, as they can get items when they bring their game consoles and get stickers in their birthday month. As more and more things go online, it seems that we will continue to be served by stores that remind us of the fun of visiting an actual store.


I found a trademark registration for the Pokémon Center logo and standard characters on J-Plat Pat. The logo is Japanese trademark registration number 4598029, and the standard letters are registration numbers 4447341 and 5195807. (Marigold)

Yogurt to Replenish Memory

  • November 10, 2021


Various types of yogurt are being developed and sold by various manufacturers. Many people make it a habit to eat yogurt to stay healthy, so I have the impression that products that focus on the benefits of yogurt are displayed in prominent places.
The other day, I bought the newly released yogurt on display in large quantities.
It is a yogurt that specializes in memory. It seems to be a highly competitive field, as other companies are also selling yogurt specialized in memory. (Time)

Memory Bifidus Memory Solution Yogurt

Product name: “Memory Bifidus Memory Solution Yogurt” (Morinaga Milk)
Release date: October 12, 2021

Registered trademarks related to this product:
Standard character trademark: Memory Bifidus
Japanese Trademark Registration Number: No. 6350567
Date of registration: February 9, 2021