Silken Tofu

  • May 18, 2022

I had the opportunity to have a slightly unusual trial product.
Morinaga Milk’s “Silken Tofu” is a tofu that can be stored at room temperature for a long period of 7.2 months (216 days).
I didn’t know that Morinaga Milk manufactures tofu, but according to the website, it has a long history. In 1977, they succeeded in developing tofu that can be stored for a long time without using preservatives, and released as a delivery limited product in 1989. And it seems that they were renewed and released in 2019 as tofu that can be stored at “normal temperature”.

Silken Tofu

Its shape makes it easy to store, making it ideal for rolling stock. In the event of a disaster, you can replenish the protein you want to ingest with particular awareness.

I thought whether they obtained patents for the technology making it last longer at room temperature, but there was no display on the homepage.
When I searched J-PlatPat with the keywords “Morinaga Milk” and “Tofu”, 26 patents were hit. Patent applications such as the title of the invention “Filled soybean curd-like food and method for producing the same” may be related techniques.

Well, it’s the essential taste, but I don’t know because I haven’t eaten it yet. Since it can be stored for a long time at room temperature, I would like to keep it in stock and eat it when the expiration date is approaching.
In 2020, they introduced the special “grinding and squeezing method” and renewed it more deliciously! ,and you can expect it. If it tastes good, it will be a candidate for stockpile♪ (Cacao)

Morinaga Milk’s Silken Tofu (Japanese)

Matchbox – Retro illustration

  • May 11, 2022


The other day, I bought a matchbox as a disaster prevention goods.
I don’t usually have a chance to use them, but when I look at them again, I find the illustration of the matchboxes to be unique and wonderful.


In the past, matches were often used as advertisements in stores, and we often saw cute matchboxes with elaborate designs. The original design by the manufacturer without advertisements creates a retro atmosphere, and it seems to be collectible item for enthusiasts.
It is understandable that enthusiasts collect them. (Time)

●Registered Trademark
Japanese Registration No :5965612
Registration Date: July 21, 2017
Owner :Nittosha Co., Ltd.

Beni Madonna

  • May 2, 2022


Hello, this is Hiro.
A while ago, at the beginning of the year, I received a “Beni Madonna”, a mandarin orange from a person from Ehime Prefecture.
I was informed that the peel is thin and difficult to peel, so I cut it in the recommended way and tried it.

Beni Madonna

It was juicy, sweet, and very delicious. As its reputation for its jelly-like pulp is well known, the texture on the tongue was very smooth. It was the first time I had ever eaten such delicious mandarin orange.
If I see them in supermarkets the next season, I would definitely like to try them again.

The “Beni Madonna” trademark has been registered in various fields by Zen-Noh (National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations) and several companies in Ehime Prefecture (see below).

Trademark: Japanese Registration No.: Designated goods/services: Right holder
紅まどんな: No. 5041853 and 5549965: Mandarin oranges, fruit jelly, etc.: National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Japan
紅マドンナ: No. 5363869: Fruit beverages: Mikame Holding Corporation (Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture)
紅まどんな: No. 5370793: Flavoring, bath salts, etc.: Sanyo Kosan Co. (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
紅まどんな: No. 5784681: Beer, etc.: Mizuguchi Shuzo Co. (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
紅マドンナ \ 紅まどんな: No. 5781933, No. 6542494: Processed vegetables, food and drink, etc.: National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Japan

National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations Ehime Prefecture Headquarters Website

Oni Yamitsuki

  • April 27, 2022


Let me introduce you to a snack that I have been eating a lot lately. It is “Oni Yamitsuki shichimi arare” from Hizatsuki Confection Co., Ltd., a crispy fried soy sauce flavored cubic rice cracker covered with blend of seven spice.

Oni Yamitsuki shichimi arare

As the name “Oni Yamitsuki” suggests, the spiciness of the shichimi is addictive, and once you start eating it, it is hard to stop. If you do not mind the spiciness of shichimi, please give it a try.

“Oni Yamitsuki” was registered as a Japanese trademark on November 5, 2021 (Japanese Registration No. 6467042). (Sakuramochi)

Japanese word meanings
Oni = demon
Yamitsuki = addictive
Shichimi = blend of seven spice
Arare = cubic rice cracker

Massage Gun “SIXPAD Power Gun”

  • April 22, 2022

#design #patent #trademark #utility model

Recently, I have come across a device called a massage gun (or power gun). As the name suggests, a massage gun is a type of massage device that is shaped like a gun and whose tip vibrates at high speed.
I was a little curious about it because I heard that it can help relieve stiff shoulders and back pain as well as take care of muscles. I had a chance to try it out and was very pleased with how it felt, so I bought it.

SIXPAD Power Gun

To use it, simply press the tip of the power gun lightly against the area of the body you want to relieve. The SIXPAD Power Gun from MTG Corporation, which I purchased, allows you to adjust the vibration speed of the tip in five stages, from about 1,800 rpm (revolutions per minute) to about 3,000 rpm. When I first used it, I was surprised at the speed and power of the vibration. The tip attachments, such as U-shaped and ball-shaped ones, can be changed to suit the part of the body being used, and I feel that the vibrations reach deep into the muscles very well. I use it when I have stiff shoulders or when I feel muscle fatigue after exercise. I recommend it to anyone who is similarly concerned.

MTG Co., Ltd is a company located in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. If you search for “MTG Co., Ltd” on J-PlatPat, a great number of patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks will hit. Also, 21 trademark were hit for “SIXPAD”. (Syszo)

SIXPAD Power Gun Website (Japanese)

Japanese Sweets Trademark

  • April 20, 2022


This is swimmer.
I wanted to buy something as a souvenir for visiting my relatives who live in a nearby prefecture, so I browsed the website of a local Japanese sweets shop. Among the delicious-looking products, the name of the store’s representative Japanese sweets was marked as a registered Japanese trademark, and an image of the Japanese trademark’s registration certificate was also displayed.
It was an event that made me take a new look at their attitude toward protecting their own brand.

Dried Gourd (Kanpyo)

  • April 6, 2022


Kanpyo is delicious when eaten with sushi or simmered dishes.
When I bought Kanpyo, there was a writing indicating the Japanese design registration No. 476243 on the package. The design of the Kanpyo packaging bag was registered. Japanese design registrations have a period of duration, and this Japanese design registration was made by Komine Cellophane store on January 23, 1978.

Dried Gourd Kanpyo

In the Japanese design registration of this packaging bag, the transparent part was explained, the color printing was used as a reference for the original, and the drawing was shown in black and white.
At present, there are about 4519 design registrations in Japan for packaging bags as articles related to designs. Regarding packaging bags, not only patents and utility models but also design registrations protect the rights and I thought there were many design registrations for packaging bags. (Raspberry)

Multicolor penlight patent; what happened to it afterwards

  • March 30, 2022


There is a TV program that introduces the work and life of the people who TV crew visited at the location and revisit them after a few years. Following that method, this time, I will inform you about what happened to the patent for “multicolor penlight” (Japanese patent publication No. 5608827, registered on September 5, 2014) introduced in my blog six years ago (December 16, 2015).

This patent was filed with trial for invalidation of a patent on March 19, 2019, five years after registration on the ground of inventive step. The patentee, TurnON co.,ltd., corrected claims 1 and 2, but the JPO stated that “this invention could easily be come up with by those skilled in the art based on the technical matters and well-known techniques described in Exhibit A1 and Exhibit A2” and on July 28, 2020, an invalidation decision was made. In response, the patentee filed a lawsuit to revoke the trial decision in the Intellectual Property High Court.

On October 6, 2021, the Intellectual Property High Court ruled that the trial decision made by the JPO had an error in finding the subject of the invention of Exhibit No. 1 and decided to revoke the trial decision. As this decision was finalized, the JPO ruled on January 13, 2022 that the Patent was not invalid.
After all the twists and turns, the patent has survived. The “multicolor penlight”, which is the target product of this patent, is also posted on the TurnON website. (Conan)
Link (Japanese Only)

Noodles from Aichi, Japan

  • March 23, 2022

#utility model

If there are any noodles from Aichi, Japan, miso nikomi udon and kishimen (flat noodles) are famous, but curry udon such as “Toyohashi curry udon” is also one of the local gourmet foods. Flat dried noodles are easy to stick to, and once they stick together, they will become uneven and it is difficult to boil them well. The curry-nikomi udon I was given as a gift the other day is made with the special shape of the noodles, which is hard to stick to, and was registered as a utility model by the company called Kintobi Shiga, whose head office is in Gamagori (Japanese Utility model registration No. 3231972).

Kintobi Shiga curry-nikomi udon Kintobi Shiga curry-nikomi udon

There seems to be miso nikomi udon in the same series, so I’d like to try it next time. (Marron)

Agatha Christie

  • March 16, 2022


The writer who wrote the original story of the film “Death on the Nile”, released in February this year, is Agatha Christie, a writer famous for her mystery novels. After reading “ABC Murder” when I was a student, I’ve always liked her novels and I’ve bought a set of 3 books “Death on the Nile”, “The ABC Murder,” and “Murder on the Oriental Express” before. This time, when I saw the trailer for the movie, I remembered about them and recently started reading “Death on the Nile”.

Agatha Christie Death on the Nile

When I searched for “Agatha Christie” on J Plat-Pat, I found 3 trademark registrations for “AGATHA CHRISTIE”. All applications were filed on March 4, 1996 and are registered. There was no registration for Japanese wording of “Death on the Nile”, “ナイルに死す”, but “DEATH ON THE NILE” is internationally registered.
After reading the original, I would like to go see a movie. (Rabbit)