Pon Pon Flowering Dahlia

  • 2022年06月22日

#design #patent #trademark

It is June and I am looking forward to the blooming of the dahlias that I planted the bulbs in April.
The blooming period of dahlias is generally June to November. It appears that a design and two or more trademarks are used for this dahlia package.

Pon Pon Flowering Dahlia

The backing paper in the photo attached to the mesh bag that contained the bulbs was registered as “backing paper for an article” Japanese Design Registration No. 1068135.
Hana-no-Yamato Corporation, a general gardening manufacturer, seems to own not only the registered design and the registered trademark but also the patent. (Raspberry)

Delicious appetizer

  • 2022年06月08日

#patent #trademark

“Kazuchee” is a popular appetizer sold at Kaldi and other stores. It is one of my favorite appetizers because of the unique crunchy texture of herring roe inside the cheese. I eat it not only as an appetizer but also as a snack…


On the package I just bought the other day had the words “patented” on it! I don’t remember much about this before, and there is no mention of “patented” in the package photo on the online store of Ihara & Co., Ltd., the manufacturer.
I got curious, so I looked it up on J-PlatPat and found that it was registered on August 31, 2021. (Japanese Patent No. 6936457, Article 30, Paragraph 2 of the Patent Law, with an exception for loss of novelty)
As I thought, it was a relatively new patent! (Marron)

“Kazuchee” is a Japanese Trademark of Ihara & Co., Ltd.
Kazuchee.com (Online Shop) (Japanese)

Original Aomori Nokkedon (Trademark Registration No. 6042537)

  • 2022年06月01日


Aomori was the first prefecture I had traveled domestically by plane. I thought it was very far from Nagoya, but I was actually surprised in 80 minutes from Komaki Airport. It was cold in Tohoku as expected, but the food was very good. Above all, the seafood was excellent. At the Aomori Fish Center in Aomori City, I made an original seafood bowl.

Original Aomori Nokkedon

How to Use
1. Purchase “Nokkedon” meal tickets (10 tickets: 1,500 yen, 5 tickets: 750 yen)
2. Go to exchange the tickets for rice bowl (normal serving: 1 ticket, large serving: 2 tickets)
3 Exchange for your favorite toppings from about 30 stores in the building (the number of tickets varies depending on the store and the amount of toppings)
4. Completion of the original seafood bowl!

Original Aomori Nokkedon

There are about 30 stores, and I was very confused about which store to exchange for which toppings. I felt that communication with the clerk at each store created a cozy atmosphere in the place.
If I have a chance to go to Aomori again, I would like to visit. (Rabbit)

Reference:Original Aomori Nokkedon (Japanese Only)

Matchbox – Retro illustration

  • 2022年05月11日


The other day, I bought a matchbox as a disaster prevention goods.
I don’t usually have a chance to use them, but when I look at them again, I find the illustration of the matchboxes to be unique and wonderful.


In the past, matches were often used as advertisements in stores, and we often saw cute matchboxes with elaborate designs. The original design by the manufacturer without advertisements creates a retro atmosphere, and it seems to be collectible item for enthusiasts.
It is understandable that enthusiasts collect them. (Time)

●Registered Trademark
Japanese Registration No :5965612
Registration Date: July 21, 2017
Owner :Nittosha Co., Ltd.

Beni Madonna

  • 2022年05月02日


Hello, this is Hiro.
A while ago, at the beginning of the year, I received a “Beni Madonna”, a mandarin orange from a person from Ehime Prefecture.
I was informed that the peel is thin and difficult to peel, so I cut it in the recommended way and tried it.

Beni Madonna

It was juicy, sweet, and very delicious. As its reputation for its jelly-like pulp is well known, the texture on the tongue was very smooth. It was the first time I had ever eaten such delicious mandarin orange.
If I see them in supermarkets the next season, I would definitely like to try them again.

The “Beni Madonna” trademark has been registered in various fields by Zen-Noh (National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations) and several companies in Ehime Prefecture (see below).

Trademark: Japanese Registration No.: Designated goods/services: Right holder
紅まどんな: No. 5041853 and 5549965: Mandarin oranges, fruit jelly, etc.: National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Japan
紅マドンナ: No. 5363869: Fruit beverages: Mikame Holding Corporation (Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture)
紅まどんな: No. 5370793: Flavoring, bath salts, etc.: Sanyo Kosan Co. (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
紅まどんな: No. 5784681: Beer, etc.: Mizuguchi Shuzo Co. (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
紅マドンナ \ 紅まどんな: No. 5781933, No. 6542494: Processed vegetables, food and drink, etc.: National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Japan

National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations Ehime Prefecture Headquarters Website

Oni Yamitsuki

  • 2022年04月27日


Let me introduce you to a snack that I have been eating a lot lately. It is “Oni Yamitsuki shichimi arare” from Hizatsuki Confection Co., Ltd., a crispy fried soy sauce flavored cubic rice cracker covered with blend of seven spice.

Oni Yamitsuki shichimi arare

As the name “Oni Yamitsuki” suggests, the spiciness of the shichimi is addictive, and once you start eating it, it is hard to stop. If you do not mind the spiciness of shichimi, please give it a try.

“Oni Yamitsuki” was registered as a Japanese trademark on November 5, 2021 (Japanese Registration No. 6467042). (Sakuramochi)

Japanese word meanings
Oni = demon
Yamitsuki = addictive
Shichimi = blend of seven spice
Arare = cubic rice cracker

Massage Gun “SIXPAD Power Gun”

  • 2022年04月22日

#design #patent #trademark #utility model

Recently, I have come across a device called a massage gun (or power gun). As the name suggests, a massage gun is a type of massage device that is shaped like a gun and whose tip vibrates at high speed.
I was a little curious about it because I heard that it can help relieve stiff shoulders and back pain as well as take care of muscles. I had a chance to try it out and was very pleased with how it felt, so I bought it.

SIXPAD Power Gun

To use it, simply press the tip of the power gun lightly against the area of the body you want to relieve. The SIXPAD Power Gun from MTG Corporation, which I purchased, allows you to adjust the vibration speed of the tip in five stages, from about 1,800 rpm (revolutions per minute) to about 3,000 rpm. When I first used it, I was surprised at the speed and power of the vibration. The tip attachments, such as U-shaped and ball-shaped ones, can be changed to suit the part of the body being used, and I feel that the vibrations reach deep into the muscles very well. I use it when I have stiff shoulders or when I feel muscle fatigue after exercise. I recommend it to anyone who is similarly concerned.

MTG Co., Ltd is a company located in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. If you search for “MTG Co., Ltd” on J-PlatPat, a great number of patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks will hit. Also, 21 trademark were hit for “SIXPAD”. (Syszo)

SIXPAD Power Gun Website (Japanese)

Japanese Sweets Trademark

  • 2022年04月20日


This is swimmer.
I wanted to buy something as a souvenir for visiting my relatives who live in a nearby prefecture, so I browsed the website of a local Japanese sweets shop. Among the delicious-looking products, the name of the store’s representative Japanese sweets was marked as a registered Japanese trademark, and an image of the Japanese trademark’s registration certificate was also displayed.
It was an event that made me take a new look at their attitude toward protecting their own brand.

Agatha Christie

  • 2022年03月16日


The writer who wrote the original story of the film “Death on the Nile”, released in February this year, is Agatha Christie, a writer famous for her mystery novels. After reading “ABC Murder” when I was a student, I’ve always liked her novels and I’ve bought a set of 3 books “Death on the Nile”, “The ABC Murder,” and “Murder on the Oriental Express” before. This time, when I saw the trailer for the movie, I remembered about them and recently started reading “Death on the Nile”.

Agatha Christie Death on the Nile

When I searched for “Agatha Christie” on J Plat-Pat, I found 3 trademark registrations for “AGATHA CHRISTIE”. All applications were filed on March 4, 1996 and are registered. There was no registration for Japanese wording of “Death on the Nile”, “ナイルに死す”, but “DEATH ON THE NILE” is internationally registered.
After reading the original, I would like to go see a movie. (Rabbit)

Fuku-Can and Good Luck Charms

  • 2022年03月02日

#design #intellectual property #patent #trademark #utility model

One of the stores I like to stop by regularly is MUJI. While I have a variety of favorite products, I was able to buy the pre-ordered “Fuku-Can (Fortune Can)” for the first time last year, which I had been curious about for a long time. This year, I won the lottery and was able to buy one.

The “Fuku-Can” has a gift card with an amount equal to the purchase price (2,022 yen this year) and Japanese lucky charms in it. There are cute and interesting lucky charms in the can, and it’s fun just to look at the enclosed flyer that introduces them on both sides. It is also an opportunity to become familiar with Japanese culture rooted in the region.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Fuku-Can, which was launched on New Year’s Day 2012 with 14 kinds of lucky charms from four prefectures in Tohoku, with the intention of supporting Tohoku’s recovery from the earthquake.
“CREATIVE IMAGINATION” exhibition was held at ATELIER MUJI GINZA in Ginza to celebrate the 10th anniversary the other day. I would have loved to drop by if it was close by.

Now, a search on J-PlatPat shows that there are 94 trademarks that hit the keyword “mujirushi ryouhin”. All of them are already registered. A search for the company name “Ryohin Keikaku” shows 224 trademarks, 368 designs, and 40 patents and utility models, indicating that the company is making extensive use of intellectual property.

Fuku-Can and Good Luck Charms

The photo shows the lucky charms that were included in last year’s and this year’s Fuku-Can. (I bought two of each).
From left to right, Kyoto City’s “Kyoto Ceramic Doll Koban (Ox),” Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture’s “Fukutaro,” Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture’s “Oku Hariko (Tiger),” and Tamana County, Kumamoto Prefecture’s “Mud Mask (4 pieces).
The cans can also be used as pen holders, and I’m sure I’ll be collecting them every year♪ (Cacao)