Toge no Kamameshi

  • 2021年02月17日

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The other day, I went to the “National Ekiben (Lunch Box sold at train stations) Fair” held at a grocery store near my house and purchased “Toge no Kamameshi” lunch box.
“Toge no Kamameshi” is an ekiben sold at Yokogawa Station in Gunma Prefecture, where ingredients such as quail eggs, chestnuts, and burdock are put on rice cooked with kelp (seaweed) and secret soup stock. It’s a very delicious lunch box that you will never get tired of eating many times.

As shown in the photo, the trademark registration number (No. 1731043) and the utility model registration number (No. 3094454) were found on the wrapping paper, so I searched for them with J-Platpat.

Regarding the trademark right, the vertical writing “Toge no Kamameshi” was registered as a designated product “Kamameshi”.
On the other hand, the utility model right was registered as the title of the device, “Kamameshi container”, which is “related to the Kamameshi container that can be effectively used as an air freshener container after being used for its original purpose”. The utility model right has already expired, but you can see the contents on J-Platpat, so if you are interested in what it was, please search. (Sakuramochi)

“KIYOSU” (Whiskey)

  • 2021年02月15日


The other day, I saw an advertisement for a whiskey named “KIYOSU” in the subway train. It is manufactured and sold by Kiyosuzakura Brewery Corporation. The company is located in Kiyosu City, which borders Nagoya City. Speaking of Kiyosuzakura Brewery, “Kiyosu Castle Nobunaga Oni Koroshi” is their famous sake, but they also make whiskey, vodka, and gin as well.

When I searched for “Kiyosuzakura Brewery” on J-PlatPat, 4 Japanese registered trademarks including ” KIYOSUJONOBUNAGA ” came up.
Japanese whiskey is one of the world’s five major whiskeys and is so popular that some brands are running out of stock. In addition, craft gin, which is flavored with botanical ingredients peculiar to the production area, is becoming more popular because it has a strong character. Both are interesting liquors. I would like to try it once. (Syszo)

※The photograph is an image
Aichi Craft Whiskey Kiyosu-Kiyosu Sakura Brewery Co., Ltd. | Aichi Craft Kiyosu [Whiskey Vodka Gin] (
Special page regarding the Aichi Craft Whiskey KIYOSU

Trademark “Fist” (“Right”)?

  • 2021年02月03日


(拳(ken) = fist, 権(ken) = right)

There is a page on the JPO homepage that introduces business trademark interestingly.
(Japanese JPO homepage of introduction of business trademark)

There is a video on this page which introduces a seemingly weak president who got his company’s trademark imitated and learns the mystery of “Trademark Fist (Right)” to protect the company’s important rights.

Patent: Pancake mix

  • 2021年01月27日

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Since cake is my favorite food, I checked on patents for cake. When I looked up for cakes that were registered as patent, I found Japanese Patent Registration No. 5771385, [Title of the invention] The arrangement mix of hot cake mixes, and premixed foods, whose owner is Morinaga & Co.,Ltd.

Morinaga & Co., Ltd.’s hot cake mix is available at the store I usually go to, and you can easily purchase them.
When I looked at the package of the pancake mix, the JPA (Japan Premix Association) mark was printed. The Japan Premix Association has established the JPA mark from the standpoint of “recognizing awareness and responsibility as a member and contributing to consumers”, and the display is being carried out to the products of member companies after undergoing trademark procedures to the Japan Patent Office.

Shika-senbei (Biscuits for Deer)

  • 2021年01月06日


The other day, I went to Nara, the ancient city of Japan, for the first time.
Because I spent my childhood abroad, I never had a chance to visit there.
The popular sites to visit in Nara I thought were the Great Buddha and deer in Nara park, so I went to Todaiji Temple and Nara Park.
In and around Nara Park where many deer inhabit, Shika-senbei (Biscuits for Deer) were sold in various places.
I wanted to interact with the deer, so I purchased one. It was bundled with a stamped sheet and it was written “Trademark Registration No.23863885”.

I searched it on J-Plat Pat and found that the characters “Shika-senbei” were registered as Japanese trademark. The right holder was the “The Nara Deer Preservation Foundation” and the registration date was February 28, 1992. The deer, which is also designated as a protected species, is an animal that is protected and loved in many ways. (Rabbit)


  • 2020年12月16日


I would like to introduce to you a certain food I encountered when I lived in England that shocked me.
It’s a smooth dark brown paste called Marmite. British people like to eat it with toast. The taste was salty-ish yet bitter-ish, and I couldn’t understand why it was liked by them because it has a really strong taste. However it had a natto-like sensation that we have in Japan, and it made me feel a sense of familiarity with the British people.

The package design has a strong impact and there is a unique presence like no other. Examining the actual raw materials and manufacturing method, it seems that it is made from yeast generated during the beer manufacturing process. It is nutritious and that is also similar to natto. Some traditional fish and chips are fried in beer, making beer and this Marmite an indispensable existence to Britain.
I would like to eat if I have a chance to go to England again someday.
When I looked up “Marmite” on J-PlatPat, I found 3 Japanese trademark registration. The most recent one was registered in September 2019. I was surprised that the trademark was registered in Japan as well. (Marigold)

Marmite Official Website (English):Marmite Spread Yeast Extract 250g | Marmite
Wikipedia:Marmite – Wikipedia


  • 2020年11月27日

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Hello. This is Hiro.
The latest generation of PlayStation 5 (PS5), the home video game console, was released the other day (November 12, 2020). The number of people who wanted to purchase it exceeded that of the initial shipment, making it difficult to obtain. However, I was lucky enough to win the reservation lottery and got it on the release date.

High resolution and high frame rate image output, load time significantly shortened by adopting high-speed SSD, controller using high-precision haptic technology (tactile technology), 3D audio technology, and a lot of other latest technology are put in place, and the performance is greatly improved, compared to PlayStation 4 (PS4). Perhaps because I work on the patent field, I’m more interested in what kind of technology is currently used in game consoles and how far game-related technology has advanced, rather than playing the game itself. After playing with it for a while, I was particularly surprised by the haptic technology of the controller. The controller vibrates in various patterns and the repulsive force of the button changes according to the scene and situation in the game. It’s clearly different from the existing vibration technology. I felt that I could have an unprecedented gaming experience.

I searched patents and utility models on J-PlatPat by entering “Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.” (actually I could only type in up to 20 characters of the name due to the character number limit) in “Applicant / Right holder / Author Affiliation” column and 876 domestic documents were found (585 when narrowed down by “Registration date”). Some of the technologies described in these references may be used on the PS5.

Then, in the design search of J-PlatPat, when the same input was entered in the “Applicant / Right holder” field and searched, 55 domestic publications were found. The latest registration example (Design Registration No. 1671045) seems to be compatible with the wireless headset released on the same day as the PS5 main unit. In the future, there is a possibility that design registration and publication will be published for PS5 main units and controllers with innovative designs.

Furthermore, in the trademark search of J-PlatPat, when the same entry was made in the “Applicant / Right holder” field and the search was performed, 535 application / registration information was hit.

The “PS” logo (No. 4440718-2), “PS5” logo (Trademark application 2020-14898), and “PlayStation” (No. 5698539, etc.) are displayed on the right side from the center on the package front.

It can be seen that the “PS” logo (No. 4440718-2) is recognized as a well-known trademark because the same mark is registered as a defensive mark (No. 4440718-2 Protective No. 01, etc.).

Regarding the “PS5″ logo (trademark application 2020-14898), the trademark application was filed in Jamaica on December 2, 2019, secured a priority date, and then was filed in Japan on February 12, 2020, claiming the priority of the Paris Convention. This might have been done because when applying in Jamaica, it is difficult for the applied trademark to be known to the general public or others”, so that the “PS5” logo would not be known to the general public until the announcement date, outside Jamaica. Also, this is thought to be due to reasons such as preventing other people from preemptively applying for and registering in other countries. The “PS5” logo was announced at the consumer electronics trade fair “CES 2020” (Las Vegas, USA) on January 7, 2020, after the filing date for Jamaica and before the filing date for Japan.

The history of Hagino Kaori – Familiar Trademark

  • 2020年11月20日


The other day, I bought a sweet called “Hagino Kaori”.

This confectionery is sold by “Mitsukuni Honten”, which has a store in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. It is made by chopping the skin of summer oranges and boiling them in molasses. The one I bought was a limited product, available only in the fall from September to November, so it contained sliced unripe summer oranges. It looked and tasted refreshing and was a very good product.

A search on J-Platpat revealed that the trademark “Hagino Kaori (vertical writing)” was filed for trademark registration in 1919 (Taisho 8) and was registered in the same year (Registration No. 107032).
I realized that “Hagino Kaori” is a product that has been carefully inherited for a long time because it has been repeatedly renewed and registered and the trademark right has been effectively maintained to this day. (Sakuramochi)

Sponge Cake (Castella)

  • 2020年10月14日


Recently, I received a sponge cake (castella) from Nagasakido. When I took off the paper on the back of the sponge cake, the rough texture of the coarse sugar was scattered and it looked like a pattern. It was delicious.

Looking at the wrapping paper and historical writings, the shape of the ship says “Kurofune Denrai”(= meaning to be imported by the black ships). I only had the head of “Black Ships are Perry’s steamships”, so I was curious, and looked it up a little. According to “Free Encyclopedia”, all large Western-style ships that have visited Japan since the 15th century were the “black ships”. Speaking of which, sponge cake (Castella) was also brought in by trade with the Portugal, and it is certainly “Kurofune Denrai”.

Nagasakido’s “Kurofune Denrai” was registered in 1931 (Japanese Registration No. 229713). There are various brands of sponge cake (castella), but it seems that the only trademark with the ship mark is that of Nagasakido.

By the way, sponge cake (castella) is commonly called Nagasaki castella, but it should be noted that “Nagasaki castella” is now a regional collective trademark (Nagasaki Confectionery Industry Association, registered in 2006, Japanese Registration No. 5003044).

Kuri-kinton (Sweet chestnut paste)

  • 2020年09月28日


It’s September and it feels like it’s finally autumn. Kuri-kinton is what you want to eat in this season. The other day, I bought it for the first time this year at a Japanese sweets shop “Yoshihara-Suzume” near our firm.

There are some famous Kuri-kinton shops in Nakatsugawa, Gifu prefecture.When I checked it with J-PlatPat, it was registered as a regional group registered trademark in 2019 (JP Trademark Registration No. 6190590).

The depressing days will continue, but why not enjoy the delicious taste of autumn? (Marigold)