Tube container patent

  • February 24, 2021


Hello. This is Hiro.
I bought wasabi in a tube container, made and sold by S&B Foods Inc., with the patent number displayed.

When you open the cap, you can see that the shape around the screw part of the container and the inside of the cap have some designs to them.

Thanks to the locking part, it is difficult to loosen when the cap is closed, and it will not open without permission. Also, thanks to the screw part divided into four in the circumferential direction, it can be easily opened with a slight twist of the cap. In addition, the vertical grooves make it easy to crush the tip of the container and squeeze out the wasabi.

By the way, the problem to be solved by the invention of Japanese Patent No. 660532 is, “Compared to the conventional invention, the impact of outward convex of the container body constituting the loosening part just before overcoming the inward part of the lid is to be made stronger and the force required for this is to be increased. Furthermore, the distance to be overcome is shortened, thereby making the clearer feeling when the lid is closed.” Certainly, when you close the cap, you can clearly feel that it is closed.
I am surprised that such tube containers, which have been around for a long time, have been improved and made easier to use.

The detailed contents of this patent can be found at the link below (J-PlatPat).
Japanese Patent No. 6006532 (Click “English” at the top right of the page)
“Container and packaged food”.

Toge no Kamameshi

  • February 17, 2021

#trademark #utility model

The other day, I went to the “National Ekiben (Lunch Box sold at train stations) Fair” held at a grocery store near my house and purchased “Toge no Kamameshi” lunch box.
“Toge no Kamameshi” is an ekiben sold at Yokogawa Station in Gunma Prefecture, where ingredients such as quail eggs, chestnuts, and burdock are put on rice cooked with kelp (seaweed) and secret soup stock. It’s a very delicious lunch box that you will never get tired of eating many times.

As shown in the photo, the trademark registration number (No. 1731043) and the utility model registration number (No. 3094454) were found on the wrapping paper, so I searched for them with J-Platpat.

Regarding the trademark right, the vertical writing “Toge no Kamameshi” was registered as a designated product “Kamameshi”.
On the other hand, the utility model right was registered as the title of the device, “Kamameshi container”, which is “related to the Kamameshi container that can be effectively used as an air freshener container after being used for its original purpose”. The utility model right has already expired, but you can see the contents on J-Platpat, so if you are interested in what it was, please search. (Sakuramochi)

“KIYOSU” (Whiskey)

  • February 15, 2021


The other day, I saw an advertisement for a whiskey named “KIYOSU” in the subway train. It is manufactured and sold by Kiyosuzakura Brewery Corporation. The company is located in Kiyosu City, which borders Nagoya City. Speaking of Kiyosuzakura Brewery, “Kiyosu Castle Nobunaga Oni Koroshi” is their famous sake, but they also make whiskey, vodka, and gin as well.

When I searched for “Kiyosuzakura Brewery” on J-PlatPat, 4 Japanese registered trademarks including ” KIYOSUJONOBUNAGA ” came up.
Japanese whiskey is one of the world’s five major whiskeys and is so popular that some brands are running out of stock. In addition, craft gin, which is flavored with botanical ingredients peculiar to the production area, is becoming more popular because it has a strong character. Both are interesting liquors. I would like to try it once. (Syszo)

※The photograph is an image
Aichi Craft Whiskey Kiyosu-Kiyosu Sakura Brewery Co., Ltd. | Aichi Craft Kiyosu [Whiskey Vodka Gin] (
Special page regarding the Aichi Craft Whiskey KIYOSU

Trademark “Fist” (“Right”)?

  • February 3, 2021


(拳(ken) = fist, 権(ken) = right)

There is a page on the JPO homepage that introduces business trademark interestingly.
(Japanese JPO homepage of introduction of business trademark)

There is a video on this page which introduces a seemingly weak president who got his company’s trademark imitated and learns the mystery of “Trademark Fist (Right)” to protect the company’s important rights.