Flying Machine

  • May 23, 2022

#Inventions of the Day

Today, I would like to introduce an invention that is closely related to May 23rd. What I would like to Introduce this time is the “flying machine”(Flugapparat, Flying machine) invented by a German inventor born in Prussian and famous as a pioneer of aviation technology Otto Lilienthal (1848.5.23 ~ 1896.8.10). Otto Lilienthal was born 174 years ago today in Anklam, Pomerania, Kingdom of Prussia (current Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Federal Republic of Germany).
Otto, who became a design engineer, began researching manned flight in 1867 with his younger brother Gustav. Except when he served in the Franco-Prussian War, he energetically developed hang gliders. At the start of the experiment in 1891, the flight distance was about 25 m, but in 1893 the flight distance was extended to 250 m, and in 1894 it was patented in the United States. He has conducted more than 2,000 flight experiments in total, but in 1896 he suffered a crash and died of a cervical spine injury.

Lilienthal is known not only for conducting flight experiments, but also for developing steam engines. The steam engine was one of the safest small steam engines of the time, and the profits gained could be used to fund flight experiments. He has obtained 25 patents in his lifetime, four of which are related to flight technology.
Lilienthal’s flight experiments attracted public attention as they were widely reported not only in his native Germany but around the world. It can be said that he left various influences such as inspiring the Wright brothers and built the foundation for the current aviation technology.

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Silken Tofu

  • May 18, 2022

I had the opportunity to have a slightly unusual trial product.
Morinaga Milk’s “Silken Tofu” is a tofu that can be stored at room temperature for a long period of 7.2 months (216 days).
I didn’t know that Morinaga Milk manufactures tofu, but according to the website, it has a long history. In 1977, they succeeded in developing tofu that can be stored for a long time without using preservatives, and released as a delivery limited product in 1989. And it seems that they were renewed and released in 2019 as tofu that can be stored at “normal temperature”.

Silken Tofu

Its shape makes it easy to store, making it ideal for rolling stock. In the event of a disaster, you can replenish the protein you want to ingest with particular awareness.

I thought whether they obtained patents for the technology making it last longer at room temperature, but there was no display on the homepage.
When I searched J-PlatPat with the keywords “Morinaga Milk” and “Tofu”, 26 patents were hit. Patent applications such as the title of the invention “Filled soybean curd-like food and method for producing the same” may be related techniques.

Well, it’s the essential taste, but I don’t know because I haven’t eaten it yet. Since it can be stored for a long time at room temperature, I would like to keep it in stock and eat it when the expiration date is approaching.
In 2020, they introduced the special “grinding and squeezing method” and renewed it more deliciously! ,and you can expect it. If it tastes good, it will be a candidate for stockpile♪ (Cacao)

Morinaga Milk’s Silken Tofu (Japanese)

Matchbox – Retro illustration

  • May 11, 2022


The other day, I bought a matchbox as a disaster prevention goods.
I don’t usually have a chance to use them, but when I look at them again, I find the illustration of the matchboxes to be unique and wonderful.


In the past, matches were often used as advertisements in stores, and we often saw cute matchboxes with elaborate designs. The original design by the manufacturer without advertisements creates a retro atmosphere, and it seems to be collectible item for enthusiasts.
It is understandable that enthusiasts collect them. (Time)

●Registered Trademark
Japanese Registration No :5965612
Registration Date: July 21, 2017
Owner :Nittosha Co., Ltd.

Beni Madonna

  • May 2, 2022


Hello, this is Hiro.
A while ago, at the beginning of the year, I received a “Beni Madonna”, a mandarin orange from a person from Ehime Prefecture.
I was informed that the peel is thin and difficult to peel, so I cut it in the recommended way and tried it.

Beni Madonna

It was juicy, sweet, and very delicious. As its reputation for its jelly-like pulp is well known, the texture on the tongue was very smooth. It was the first time I had ever eaten such delicious mandarin orange.
If I see them in supermarkets the next season, I would definitely like to try them again.

The “Beni Madonna” trademark has been registered in various fields by Zen-Noh (National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations) and several companies in Ehime Prefecture (see below).

Trademark: Japanese Registration No.: Designated goods/services: Right holder
紅まどんな: No. 5041853 and 5549965: Mandarin oranges, fruit jelly, etc.: National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Japan
紅マドンナ: No. 5363869: Fruit beverages: Mikame Holding Corporation (Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture)
紅まどんな: No. 5370793: Flavoring, bath salts, etc.: Sanyo Kosan Co. (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
紅まどんな: No. 5784681: Beer, etc.: Mizuguchi Shuzo Co. (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
紅マドンナ \ 紅まどんな: No. 5781933, No. 6542494: Processed vegetables, food and drink, etc.: National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Japan

National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations Ehime Prefecture Headquarters Website