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  • April 26, 2023

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The TV Drama series “Isn’t that Plagiarism?” has started!
I have been looking forward to the drama even more after reading the original novel. I am writing this article after the first episode aired, but I am very much looking forward to the future development of the drama as it has been reconstructed for the drama and there are many parts that differ from the original story from the very first episode. I was impressed by the lines “patents are a battle of words” and “the job of intellectual property is to protect the crystallization of someone else’s sweat and tears”.

In the first episode of the drama, the company where the main character works does not yet have an intellectual property department (IP department). How will the activities of the newly established IP department be depicted in the second and subsequent episodes? I think the content will be realistic as it is supervised by a patent attorney, so you will be able to gain knowledge that you can learn while enjoying the drama.

The original story has a subtitle “The Work of a New Intellectual Property Department Employee”.
I think it will help those companies that do not have an IP department but have a development department or a general affairs department that is concurrently in charge of IP. We would like to better understand the role of the IP department at our firm and utilize this information to provide services that are needed by our customers.

Isn't that Plagiarism? Isn't that Plagiarism?

By the way, the JPO also paid attention to this drama and tweeted about it.
It seems that they also cooperated in the filming of the drama, and you can see places that are not usually seen at the JPO. This is also noteworthy♪ (Cacao) (Japanese only) (Japanese only) (Japanese only)

The “Genkotsu Hamburger Steak” and the “Bomb Hamburger Steak”

  • April 19, 2023


Hamburg steak is a favorite of men and women of all ages.
It originated in Hamburg, Germany around the 18th century, and the earliest reference to hamburger steak served to the general public in Japan is said to be the Sanuki Railway’s menu, a dining car receipt dated December 1902 (from Wikipedia). That is more than 120 years ago. Today, hamburger restaurants specializing in hamburgers are located in various parts of Japan, and each seems to have become popular in its own way.

Sumiyaki Restaurant Sawayaka, a restaurant in Shizuoka Prefecture, is a hamburger steak restaurant that became nationally known about 15 years ago when it was introduced on a national TV program.
Since there are no stores in other prefectures in Japan and reservations are not possible, customers from outside of the prefecture tend to line up on weekends and national holidays. Some people are heard to say, “I waited in line for five hours.

The most popular menu item at this restaurant is the “Genkotsu hamburger steak.” The hamburger steak is placed on a steak plate on a griddle, and the waiter cuts it into two pieces in front of you. The sound and smell of the rare part being cooked makes the dish even more appetizing!

Genkotsu hamburger steak

By the way, I recently learned that the “bomb hamburger steak” served at a restaurant called “Flying Garden” is famous in the northern Kanto region.
I have never had a “bomb hamburger steak” so I am very curious about it. I would like to try it if I have a chance.
By the way, both menus are registered under the following trademarks. (Time)

Genkotsu Hamburger Steak
Right holder : Sawayaka Corporation Ltd.
Japanese Registration number : No. 3364234
J-PlatPat_Genkotsu Hamburger Steak
J-PlatPat (Patent Information Platform)

Bomb hamburger steak
Right Holder : Flying Garden Co.
Japanese Registration No. : No. 3002310
J-PlatPat_Bomb hamburger steak
J-PlatPat (Patent Information Platform)

4D Gummy

  • April 12, 2023


 I found a delicious looking gummy candy at the store: 4D Gummy BLOCKS are gummy candies from KANRO Co., Ltd. (importer).

4D Gummy

The 4D in this 4D Gummy is 3D for 3-Demention and Delicious. The 4D Gummy from Amos are not only a snack, but also a toy, a learning and communication tool. 4D Gummy are both delicious and fun.

 As of today, Kanro Co., Ltd. has 28 Japanese Patent applications, 3 Japanese Design registrations, and 308 Japanese Trademark applications. (Raspberry)

Right holder: Shenzhen Amos Sweets & Foods Co., Ltd.
Japanese Registration number: No. 6182567
Registration date: September 20, 2019

AmosGummy | Build Yummy Fun with Innovative 4D Gummy Candy

As if it were meat! ~NEXT Kalbi 2.1~

  • April 5, 2023


 The other day, I found an ingredient at a certain member warehouse type store that caught my attention a bit, and I bought it.

 It is NEXT Kalbi 2.1, a meat made from soybeans (alternative meat).
NEXT Kalbi 2.1 NEXT Kalbi 2.1

 Because it is seasoned, it is easy to cook, just a quick pan-frying.
NEXT Kalbi 2.1 NEXT Kalbi 2.1

 How does it taste?
 Very tasty! The look and texture is completely meat! If you taste it carefully, you can smell the slight aroma of soybeans. But if you are not told anything, you might think it is just ordinary meat. Alternative meat has finally entered the 2.1 version.

 Next Meats, the company that markets NEXT Kalbi 2.1 and other alternative meat products, has adopted the philosophy of “Promote the well-being of our planet.”. Next Meats is a Japanese food-tech venture company established to combat the escalating global warming.

 Next Meats has a total of 29 registered trademarks at this time, including “NEXTカルビ” and “NEXTYAKINIKU”. (Hiro)

Next Meats
About Next Meats