Familiar naming

  • December 26, 2023


This month, our client SUN-SHIELD Co., Ltd. released a simulation application for crane operations.
The name of the app is “Tsutaro”(つったろう).

This application displays a crane in real space using AR and enables various simulations. It is intended to be used in situations where it is difficult to verify in advance with an actual crane, such as “Can the crane be positioned in the planned work area?”, “Is it possible to work without hitting any obstacles?”,etc.
Crane operations may seem a little difficult to approach for those who are not involved in the field, but thanks to the name “Tsutaro,” some people may feel free to download the application.
I think it is a very nice name that indicates the contents of the application and is familiar and easy to remember.

When I actually downloaded the application, I was able to enjoy the simulation as if it were a game. I was surprised that I could easily experience AR with my own smartphone.


When operating the app, the above logo is used as an AR marker.
Our firm represented the application for the application name “Tsutaro” and the logo mark above. The application for “Tsutaro” is currently pending (Trademark Application No. 2023-079991), and the logo mark was registered (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6761123) on December 11, 2023.   (Sakura Mochi)

Why don’t you register your company’s important product or service name as a trademark?
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App Store “Tsutaro”:
※Only available in the App Store.

Seminar on AI and Patent Application

  • December 22, 2023


 The Tokai-kai of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association will hold a seminar on January 26, 2024 at the Nagoya Kanko Hotel to commemorate the opening day of the Tokai-kai. The theme of the seminar will be AI (Artificial Intelligence), which has been the focus of much attention recently.


 There are three types of AI-related inventions as follows
(1) AI algorithm invention: Invention about the algorithm of AI technology itself
(2) AI-utilizing invention: Invention to use a completed AI algorithm
(3) AI output invention: An invention that identifies the optimal parameters output by an AI learning model.

 Among these inventions, (2) AI-utilizing inventions are frequently filed in all technical fields. This year (August 2023), I was also in charge of filing a patent application for an AI-utilizing invention. In writing the claims, I referred to the “Patent and Utility Model Examination Handbook” for AI-related technologies and other examples. Generally, claims for AI inventions specify the invention using terms such as “machine learning,” “teacher data,” “learned model,” etc. AI technology is expected to expand the possibilities of intellectual property rights related to AI in the future through various innovations with new points of view not found in conventional technologies. (Conan)

The Importance of Naming

  • December 13, 2023


The results of the “Japan Naming Awards 2023” was announced recently.
This year marks the fourth annual holding of this award, and this year’s grand prize went to the singing voice synthesizer “Hatsune Miku”.

The competition was not limited to names created during the year, but also included “product names,” “service names,” and “company names” that were sold or offered in Japan during this period.
In addition, the entry must be “trademark registered”.

Among the permanent awards is the “Regional Soul Brand Category/Award,” which sets a strategic area each year and encourages a large number of entries to revitalize the local economy. This year it was Fukuoka Prefecture, last year it was Okinawa Prefecture, and the year before that was Hokkaido. When Aichi Prefecture becomes a strategic area, we hope that a large number of local companies will enter the competition to boost the local economy.


After developing a new product or service, it is important to dress it up with a thoughtful “name” and send it out to the world.
We can help you register your name as a trademark. We can also advise you on how to review your naming strategy by checking to see if something similar to your name is already in use by a competing company.
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Incidentally, on a personal note, I was surprised to see that “Rental Do Nothing Person”, which won the Jury’s Special Award, was properly registered as a trademark.(Cacao)
Japan Naming Award website (Japanese only)

Nagoya, Sakae Chunichi Building

  • December 6, 2023


Nagoya Station and Sakae are two of the most popular downtown areas in Nagoya, but Sakae is currently lagging behind Nagoya Station, which is being revitalized through remarkable redevelopment.
One reason is that Sakae is in the process of demolishing and rebuilding many of its aging buildings, resulting in fewer commercial facilities and stores overall, and therefore attracting fewer customers.

One of the buildings under reconstruction is the Chunichi Building.
Built in 1966, it has long been a familiar building with a retro Nagoya feel, and will have its grand opening in the spring of 2024.

Nagoya, Sakae Chunichi Building Nagoya, Sakae Chunichi Building

The building complex will consist of stores and restaurants from the basement to fifth and seventh floors, a hotel, hall, rooftop plaza, and offices.
The rooftop plaza on the 7th floor will inevitably become a popular spot for relaxation and a place to overlook the Sakae cityscape.

Chunichi Building Official Website (Only in Japanese)

Related trademarks (from J-PlatPat)
Trademark owner: Chubu-Nippon Building Co.
Registered trademark (standard characters): “Korekaramo, machitosakaeru.”
Registration number: Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6698883
Date of registration: May 17, 2023