Heart-shaped grapes

  • September 22, 2023

#intellectual property

I received grapes from my neighbor.

My Heart

They said that they buy them at Komadachi in Okazaki City.
The grapes are a rare heart-shaped variety called “My Heart” and can be eaten without seeds and with the skin intact. They are sweet and delicious, and the beautiful heart-shaped grapes make me very happy. It is a treat every year during this season.

My Heart

I found out that “My Heart” is a grape variety developed by Shimura Grape Research Institute, which is a cross between “Shine Muscat” and “Wink”.
https://dr-tomio.com/pages/myvariety (Only in Japanese)

Excellent varieties can be protected under the variety registration system (Seed and Seedling Law).
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) has a variety registration data search page that shows that “My Heart” is not registered, but “Shine Muscat” and “Wink” are registered.

Intellectual property is also important in the field of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.
The Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) website provides an overview of agricultural and fisheries intellectual property, including agribusiness that utilizes intellectual property.
https://www.jpaa.or.jp/nousui-ip/index.html (Only in Japanese)

Leave your agricultural and fisheries intellectual property matters to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Now, Komadachi is famous for grapes in Okazaki City.
Grapes picking seems to be open until around October 10, so if you are considering leisure activities in the Okazaki area, I recommend you visit. (Cacao)
https://www.coma-grape.com/ (Only in Japanese)

“Tokkyo Tawan Ningen Hoshiki” -Unno Juza

  • September 13, 2023

#copyright #patent #patent attorney

 I would like to introduce a novel in which a patent attorney is the main character. The title is “Tokkyo Tawan Ningen Hoshiki (Patent Multi-Armed Human Method)” and it is a novel written by “Unno Juza” (海野十三), a writer in the early Showa period.

 Unno Juza (real name: Sano Shoichi) published many mystery and science fiction novels and is called the “father of Japanese science fiction novels”. After his debut as a writer, in 1936, at the age of 39, Mr. Unno qualified as a patent attorney, and two years later, he opened “Sano Electric Patent Office.

 The “Tokkyo Tawan Ningen Hoshiki” was published in 1941, when Mr. Unno was 44 years old. The story begins when an inventor visits a patent attorney who runs a patent office and requests a patent application for a “third arm”. A humorous and surreal scene appears in which the patent attorney writes the specification for the application while interacting (playing two roles) with the 100-yen bill (a large sum of money in those days) received from the inventor as the application fee and the application stamp fee. There is also a scene in which the patent attorney shows off his skills as a patent attorney by using the expression “at least” in the description of the claims, claiming that he has expanded the scope of the patent (scope of rights), and another scene in which he receives a notice of reasons for refusal after filing an application, meets with the examiner, and struggles to resolve the reasons for refusal. I feel that this is a story that is also relevant to the current practice of patent attorneys.

Tokkyo Tawan Ningen Hoshiki (Patent Multi-Armed Human Method)

 There is a lot of humor scattered throughout, and the punchline is quite good. Because it is a short novel, I finished reading it in no time.
 Since more than 50 years have passed since Mr. Unno’s death and the copyright protection period has expired, this work can be freely read at Aozora Bunko and other libraries (Hiro).

Tokkyo Tawan Ningen Hoshiki (Aozora Bunko) (only available in Japanese)

Toyota Ecoful Town

  • September 8, 2023

#intellectual property

 The other day, I went to “Toyota Ecoful Town” in Toyota City.
Toyota City has been selected by the government as an “SDGs Future City” to lead activities to achieve the SDGs.
The city is expanding its efforts to achieve the SDGs, focusing on “energy,” “mobility,” and “wellness”.
The Toyota Ecoful Town is a base for prosperous lifestyles and a facility where visitors can experience examples of new initiatives that look 10 to 50 years into the future.

Toyota Ecoful Town

 The Toyota Ecoful Town had exhibits on compact mobility, global issues, drones, Toyota City’s history, and the SDGs, including a hydrogen station, a plant cultivation unit, and an off-grid trailer house.
Visitors were also able to see a device that converts water in the air into drinking water and can generate 4 liters per day. This can be expected to help with water shortages in emerging countries where water is cut off during disasters and clean water is not available.

 It was very impressive to learn about both the vision and the direction of society, from a manufacturing town to a town where things, matters, and people are created, and also to see the society 50 years from now, with the video of Toyota City 50 years from now.
If you are interested in the contents, please visit Toyota Ecoful Town. (Raspberry)

Toyota Ecoful Town https://toyota-ecofultown.com/en/

Asserting a Registered Trademark

  • August 30, 2023


This is Swimmer. This is another Hokuriku story.
When I visited Toyama Prefecture, I bought these sweets as a souvenir.


I was very interested in the design of the wrapping paper, which had a trademark registration number blended into the design in a cute way, and it was a very interesting gift so I picked it up.
It is a very casual and eye-catching way of asserting the right to use the trademark.

Mitsuya Corporation Hankontan


  • August 23, 2023


The other day, I saw a product called “Kiyome-pan” (Kiyome-bread) and bought it.
Kiyome-pan is a product of Kiyome Mochi Sohonke, a long-established confectionary store located near the east gate of Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya City.

The signature product of Kiyome Mochi Sohonke is Kiyokemochi, a famous sweet made of sweet red bean paste wrapped in soft Habutae rice cakes, which has long been a favorite souvenir of pilgrims to Atsuta.

Kiyome-pan (Kiyome-bread)

According to the leaflet inside the package, Kiyome Mochi Sohonke was once used to make bread for rationing during the chaotic postwar period, and is a reincarnation of the “KIYOMEPAN” of that time, a “manju like bread”.
Indeed, the moist and chewy texture of the dough is a little different and mysterious from bread.

Like “Nago-Nyan” introduced the other day, a derivative of a well-known product attracts a lot of attention, and I would like to buy it together with “Kiyome Mochi”. (Syszo)

“KIYOME” of Kiyome Mochi Sohonke was registered as a Japanese trademark in 1954.

Pokémon Sleep

  • August 16, 2023


I downloaded Pokémon Sleep, a game app for smartphones released in July of this year. It is a game that allows you to measure and record your sleep by simply running the app when you go to bed and placing your smartphone next to your pillow. The concept is “to look forward to getting up in the morning”. When I actually played the game, I could see my own sleep data and came to realize anew the importance of sleep. Also, the sleeping faces of the Pokémon in the game are so cute that I can’t help but keep playing.

smartphone next to your pillow

“Pokémon Sleep” is a registered trademark (Japanese Trademark No. 6271841) and is a joint application by Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and Game Freak Inc. As you can see from the application date (May 22, 2019) and registration date (July 21, 2020), it was released this year after several years of planning and development (Rabbit)

Pokémon Sleep official website: https://www.pokemonsleep.net/en/

Whereabouts of X

  • August 9, 2023


 The service name of Twitter has been changed to “X”. In response, YOSHIKI of the rock band X JAPAN tweeted, “I think X JAPAN trademark is registered”. Indeed, if you replace the “Twitter” part of Twitter JAPAN with “X”, it becomes “X JAPAN”.


 Under the Japanese Trademark Law, “a trademark consisting solely of an extremely simple and common mark” cannot be registered (Article 3.1 of the Trademark Law), and the Examination Guidelines provide an example of an “extremely simple and common mark” as “a mark consisting of one or two Roman characters. In other words, “X” alone, without a logo, has no distinguishing power and will not be registered as a trademark.

 The above-mentioned “X JAPAN” has been registered as a trademark in standard characters (Japanese Registration No. 4750523). In the U.S., Microsoft and Meta have also registered “X” as a trademark, although not in standard characters. There are many other registrations for the letter X as well.

 It will be interesting to see the future of the branding of Twitter and “X”. (Marron)

Reference URL:
Twitter” is now “X” and “Twitter Japan” is now “X Japan” ……? YOSHIKI: “I think it’s trademarked…”

Meta and Microsoft have already trademarked X in the US

The Comfort of Writing with a Fountain Pen

  • August 2, 2023


 I have never had any connection with fountain pens, which had been in vogue long before the Corona disaster, nor with the popular buzzword “ink swamp,”. I have recently started using a fountain pen, though it is an inexpensive one with a regular price of about 1,000 yen, and I like it because it is very easy to write smoothly with almost no pressure.

 There are many kinds of fountain pens in the affordable price range these days, but I chose a fountain pen called “Kakuno” by Pilot Corporation (Japanese trademark registration 5641486, 5697648), which I noticed in the writing instruments section of my local bookstore. I bought one with a transparent body and cap, which is convenient because it is easy to check the remaining amount of ink cartridge. It is inexpensive, so you may purchase one for each ink color.

Fountain Pen "Kakuno"

Fountain Pen "Kakuno"

 The package says, “You will surely enjoy writing”, and the nib has a humorous illustration. The company’s website has an introduction on how to use the pen written in an easy-to-read format for children, so even those who are new to fountain pens should have no trouble using it.

 The fountain pen is light and smooth to write with, so it is said to be easy to use for a long time without getting tired. It is also understandable that writers love to use fountain pens. When I get used to Kakuno, I will try another fountain pen. (blink)

Assistance Dog Event

  • July 28, 2023


 The other day, I went to an event called “Let’s learn about assistance dogs”. which was held at a commercial facility in my neighborhood.
When you think of “Dogs that support people”, you may have a strong image of guide dogs, but service dogs support people with physical disabilities, and hearing dogs support people with hearing disabilities.

 At the event, booths for guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs were set up in a large commercial facility, and each dog demonstrated how they support people.

 At the guide dog booth, visitors could experience walking with a guide dog, and I participated in it.
I participated in a series of movements, such as “putting on an eye mask, walking straight, making a U-turn, and sitting on a chair”, but it was difficult to maintain a proper distance from the guide dog, and I sometimes moved too far away and sometimes too close.
I was impressed by the harmonious walking that I see on the street between guide dog users and their guide dogs, which is the result of a lot of practice and a trusting relationship between them.

 At the event, goods were sold, and I bought the cookies shown in the photo.

The Chubu Guide Dogs Association

 “The dog looking up” on the orange sticker is called “Ai-chan”, and the Ai-chan mark was registered as a trademark for the designated service “teaching knowledge about eye dogs” on March 18, 2011 (Japanese Registration No. 5400234).
I would like to collect various goods with the Ai-chan mark from this time as feelings of support. (Sakuramochi)

Chubu Guide Dog for the Blind Association:http://www.chubu-moudouken.jp/
Japan Assistance Dogs Association:https://s-dog.jp/english
Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People:https://www.hearingdog.or.jp/index.php?f=hp&ci=10289&i=10286
Ai-chan’s mark(Japanese Registration number T5400234):https://www.j-platpat.inpit.go.jp/c1800/TR/JP-2010-078746/C9BB55A100809B47EA22F1BDC970E6C8A68B5B124C45A7A56B0F96906AB73C5C/40/en

Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival

  • July 25, 2023


 I recently attended the eve of Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival held at Tennogawa Park as part of our office event. Tsushima Shrine and Tennogawa Park are located in Tsushima City, Aichi Prefecture. The Tenno Festival had been canceled or held on a reduced scale for the past five years, but this year, a sightseeing pier was set up and the festival was held as usual. For the first time in 11 years, our clients, staff, and their families gathered at the Tenno Festival’s sightseeing pier and had a wonderful time of conversation and food.

 The Tenno Festival is considered one of the three largest river festivals in Japan and one of the three largest lantern festivals in Japan. It has a great scale, history, and venerable tradition.
The Tenno Festival has been held for nearly 600 years as a festival of Tsushima Shrine, and includes events such as Saichidate, Funawake, Chigo (Children) Uchi-mawashi, Yoimatsuri (evening festival), and Asamatsuri (morning festival).

 The origin of Tenno Festival is unknown, although it is said to have been based on the Jinryo ritual of Tsushima Shrine during the Muromachi period (1336-1573). At that time, Tsushima had five villages (Komenoza, Imaichiba, Raftaba, Shimomizo, and Tsutsumishita), which were rich in economic power, and the festival was grandly held on this basis. Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and the feudal lord of Owari were among the visitors to the Tenno Festival.

 The Tenno Festival was designated as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset in 1980. Furthermore, the Tenno Festival was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016.
In addition, “Owari Tsushima Tenno Matsuri” is registered as Japanese Trademark No. 6117611.

Maki-wara boats

 During the evening festival, more than 500 lanterns are displayed and five Maki-wara boats are rowed across the Tenno River.
At Kurumakawado, the straw boats are lit by lanterns and set sail for the Otabisho.

Maki-wara boat

 The straw boats are magnificent, and the sight of the lanterns, emblems, and lights shimmering on the surface of the water is impressive.
The Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival was atmospheric, and I felt the history and atmosphere of several eras from the ancient times of Japan to the present day.(Raspberry)