What is intellectual property?

  • 2020年07月16日

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Many people may have heard the words “patent” and “trademark”, but I think not many people actually get a sense of “intellectual property”. On the Japan Patent Attorneys Association website (https://www.jpaa.or.jp/intellectual-property/), intellectual property is explained; “For ideas and creations created by human intellectual activities, there is something that has a wealth of value, and those things are collectively called “intellectual property.” Patents and trademarks are included in intellectual property.
If you are interested, please see the link above for more detailed explanations with examples. (Runner)

Patent Office’s Patent

  • 2020年06月25日

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In May, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) announced that it had acquired a patent right for a patent document search system.
The Patent Office has obtained a patent!? I was personally very surprised.
The inventors are seven examiners of the JPO, and the applicant is the Commissioner of the JPO because it is an employee invention.
There was no precedent of the patent right by the Patent Office.
A trademark application (domestic/international) has also been made for the system “ADPAS”, and it has already been registered internationally.
However, there were precedents for trademark rights by the Japan Patent Office.

We hope that this system will be used to efficiently search the vast number of patent documents in the world and to ensure stable and speedy and high-quality examination.
If you are interested in what kind of invention the ADPAS is, search on J-PlatPat! (Cacao)

[Title] Management system and management method
[PATENT NUMBER] Patent No. 6691280
[Patent holder] Commissioner of the Patent Office

(This picture was quoted from the website of the Ministry of Land,Infrastructure and Tourism.)

Olive Pasta

  • 2020年05月27日


 Hello. This is Hiro.
 I found a patent number (No.5180993) on the package of pasta that I was given as a souvenir.

 The dry pasta noodles, before boiling, have two grooves extending in the longitudinal direction on the front surface and one on the back surface. Because of this structure, the end-surface (cross section) of the noodle has substantially a W shape as it is shown in Fig.1 of Patent No. 5180993.

 The grooves remained firmly on the noodles after cooking.

 The noodles kneaded with olive oil were chewy, and it was very delicious because the sauce was entwined well with the grooved noodles.

 If you are interested in the content of this patent, please refer to the following J-PlatPat link.
 Patent No. 5180993 (Noodles manufacturing method)
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Pet Accessory

  • 2020年05月15日


I would like to introduce a patent product that we often come across in our daily lives. It is a “pet accessory”. It can be fitted on and removed easily from pets’ hair and is designed to make sure that it will not come off even if pets shake. For details, please see Japan Patent Publication No.2012-187011. [Chobi]