Uiro of Ise

  • July 12, 2023


“Uiro” is a Japanese confectionery that I want to eat regularly. It is also famous as a Nagoya specialty, and one of our long-time customers, Toraya Uiro Co., Ltd. specializes in raw Uiro in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. Unlike Nagoya Uiro, which is generally made of rice flour, Toraya Uiro is made of wheat flour.
It is easy to stop by as there are stores in department stores in Nagoya, and the “Raw Uiro” which does not use preservatives is beautifully arranged in the showcase and looks delicious to look at.
This time, I chose “Tanabata Uiro,” which is only available in summer.
It is a black Uiro that looks like the night sky and is sprinkled with chestnuts like stars, and as I love brown sugar Uiro the most, I couldn’t get enough. The Uiro was pleasantly sticky and very delicious.

Toraya Uiro Tanabata Uiro

The registered trademark that we helped to obtain is the tiger mark (Japanese registration number 3058956) used on the packaging and the tiger mark with “ya” (Japanese registration number 4149016) used on the handbag. The trademark registered more than 25 years ago is still in use and continues to support the store.

Toraya Uiro Toraya Uiro

Toraya Uiro celebrated its 100th anniversary in March this year, and will continue to make delicious Uiro for the next 100 years.

Toraya Uiro celebrated its 100th anniversary

By the way, we also recommend the Kotorayaki in the shape of the Toraya logo. It is cute and delicious.

Toraya Uiro Kotorayaki


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