para gel

  • March 31, 2021


I like decorating my nails as part of fashion. I used to apply manicure myself, but now it is my monthly pleasure to get my gel nails done at a nail salon.

Gel nails are nails that are formed by scraping the nails and curing the gel-like resin. There are various types of gel nails, but the “para gel” I use can be used without scraping the nails, so you can keep your nails clean.

“Para gel PROFESSIONAL NAIL” was registered as Japanese Trademark Registration No. 5359996 on October 8, 2010.
I am happy to find a trademark that is familiar to me as one of my pleasures. (Rabbit)

The official website is below. (Japanese Only)

Anniversary associated with Intellectual Property

  • March 24, 2021

#intellectual property #patent #patent attorney

The theme is “Introduction to Intellectual Property”, but today I would like to introduce anniversaries related to intellectual property.
First, I would like to ask you a question. How many do you know?

April 18, Invention Day (Japan)
April 23, World Book Day / Copyright Day (UNESCO)
April 26, World Intellectual Property Day (World Intellectual Property Organization)
July 1, Patent Attorney’s Day (Japan)
July 22, Copyright System Day (Japan)
August 1, Aichi Invention Day (Aichi Prefecture)
August 14, Exclusive Patent Day (Japan)
November 18, Music Copyright Day (Japan)

It seems that there are many anniversaries in April and the hot season for some reason. Looking overseas, there is Inventor’s Day. In the United States, for example, Thomas Edison’s birthday is Inventor’s Day.

April is coming soon. This year too, the day of invention, the day of world intellectual property rights, will come. In Japan, every year, one week including Invention Day is designated as Science and Technology Week. It may be a good idea to think about inventions and science in this season when the weather is getting better. (blink)

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Work experience at a patent office

  • March 19, 2021

#intellectual property #patent #patent attorney

At KidZania Tokyo, where children can experience work, “patent office” will open for a limited time!
This is a limited event from March 19th to 25th during “Patent Attorneys Week” held by the Japan Patent Attorneys Association and the planning and management company of KidZania.
It will be the first time that a work experience of a “patent attorney” has appeared in KidZania.
Participant will become a “patent attorney”, receive a request from the “invention workshop”, create patent application documents as an agent, and confirm the examination result at the “patent office satellite office”. A registration certificate will be issued, and the participant can take it home as a deliverable.
As a person working at a patent firm, I hope that children will have fun learning about intellectual property and the role of patent attorneys. (Cacao)

<Reference Website>
KidZania Tokyo news page (translated into English)
KidZania Tokyo Official Site|A Real City for Kids! (English)

Fun for snacks

  • March 10, 2021


The other day, I watched a documentary on TV about a woman involved in product development at Koike-ya Co., Ltd. The next day, I stopped by a convenience store in front of the station on my way home from work to buy the snack which was introduced since I felt the enthusiasm in the development, but it was sold out.

The influence of television is amazing. After that, it was available several days later. I felt the commitment and it was delicious.
Looking around the convenience store, you will find snacks with various tastes on sale, which makes you feel happy.
Catchphrases such as “limited”, “takumi” (craftsmanship) and “adult” (used for products which has an acquired taste) makes me lose my temptation and I can’t resist to buy it.
When I searched for Koike-ya on J-PlatPat, I found that 13 to 25 applications were filed annually for trademarks alone. Some names such as “New Normal Snack” and “LONG LIFE ∞ SNACK ∞ 湖” (湖 is “Ko” for “Koike-ya”) seem to reflect the era just by hearing them.
You can see the effort they are putting into their method of selling. I hope that they will continue to make products that will entertain us consumers. (Marigold)


  • March 3, 2021


The other day, when I was looking at the JPO public relations magazine “Tokkyo”, published on February 5, 2021, I found a product that caught my eye.
Its name is “Nekojasuri”.

This product is a file for cats to groom that was made to resemble the texture of cats’ tongue. It was made based on the tool manufacturing technology, developed by Wataoka Co., Ltd., a long-established file maker in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, which has been in business for over 120 years.
How flexible the idea of the person who developed it is to associate the tongue of a cat with a file. I envy the person with such an inspiration.

Soon I bought it and gave it to my cat. Meow ❣

My cat is not usually a sweet type, but it is rubbing its head on the file.
It might be of a feeling that cannot be obtained from human hands. (Time)

[Japanese Patent number] No. 6698985
[Registration date] May 7, 2019
[Title of Invention] Massage device for pets