Fun for snacks

  • March 10, 2021


The other day, I watched a documentary on TV about a woman involved in product development at Koike-ya Co., Ltd. The next day, I stopped by a convenience store in front of the station on my way home from work to buy the snack which was introduced since I felt the enthusiasm in the development, but it was sold out.

The influence of television is amazing. After that, it was available several days later. I felt the commitment and it was delicious.
Looking around the convenience store, you will find snacks with various tastes on sale, which makes you feel happy.
Catchphrases such as “limited”, “takumi” (craftsmanship) and “adult” (used for products which has an acquired taste) makes me lose my temptation and I can’t resist to buy it.
When I searched for Koike-ya on J-PlatPat, I found that 13 to 25 applications were filed annually for trademarks alone. Some names such as “New Normal Snack” and “LONG LIFE ∞ SNACK ∞ 湖” (湖 is “Ko” for “Koike-ya”) seem to reflect the era just by hearing them.
You can see the effort they are putting into their method of selling. I hope that they will continue to make products that will entertain us consumers. (Marigold)

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