Okin Mochi

  • September 28, 2022


The other day, I received an “Okin Mochi” from a friend who went to Mie Prefecture for a visit. Okin mochi are flat and round grass-covered rice cakes covered with a generous amount of potato starch and filled with sweet bean paste. In addition to its simple and good taste, the small size of each rice cake made me want two or three more.

Okin Mochi

The Okin mochi can only be purchased at Okin Chaya in Taki County, Mie Prefecture, so if you are interested in Okin mochi, please take a drive and visit Okin Chaya. I would like to go there.

The trademark “Okin Mochi” was registered on November 1, 1975 for the designated goods “confectionery and bread” (Japanese Registration No. 1168921). (Sakuramochi)

Emergency Food and Patents

  • September 21, 2022

#patent #trademark #utility model

September 1 was Disaster Prevention Day.
In our family, we check our emergency supplies every year on this day.
For rolling stock, we especially check items with expiration dates and use-by dates, such as water, emergency food, and dry cell batteries, and replace those that will expire before next year’s Disaster Prevention Day.

rolling stock

Disaster prevention supplies are not only for huge earthquakes, but also for flood damage during this season of frequent typhoons. Not only can emergency food be stored for a long time and do not require heating, but they have become so tasty that they exceed the image of emergency food, and I feel that efforts are being made to make them as close as possible to meals in normal times.
Efforts are also evident from the large number of patents, utility models, and trademarks found when searching for keywords such as “emergency food” on J-PlatPat.

Every year, every time I check my stockpile, I try to put this and that in it, and I have trouble keeping it in my backpack. (Syszo)

Disaster prevention supplies

The Age of AI Painting?

  • September 14, 2022

#copyright #design

This is Swimmer.
These days, the social networking sites are talking about an app that lets AI learn and draw pictures.


To make it learn, you have to change the approach many times and make adjustments, and you need to have a good artistic sense to make a proper work. It seems to be very easy to complete a picture if you are not concerned about the final result. It is very interesting.
If the original material to be studied is something to which you own the rights, there is no problem. However, if you use someone else’s work, what happens to the design rights and copyrights of the material? What are the terms and conditions of the app?

We will continue to keep a close eye on the evolution of AI, which has both pros and cons, including the rights to the resulting pictures.


  • September 7, 2022


Joshinko is used to make Steamed Cakes, Mitarashi Dumplings, Kashiwa Mochi, etc. The trademark and registration number on the Joshinko packaging made me want to pick up the product.


I enjoyed Joshinko made into Steamed Cakes and Mitarashi Dumplings.
The “Kyo-nokambutsuya” is a registered trademark of Sanada Co., Ltd (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 5034924).
I am interested in the “Kyoーnohoshiimoya (Kyo-no- Dried Sweet Potato- ya)” product (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6580836) and the “Protein Kinako ” product (Trademark application filed on April 13, 2022), and other products that Sanada Co., Ltd. owns. (Raspberry)