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  • February 22, 2023


Although it will have ended by the time this article is published, February is Valentine’s Day.
I very much look forward to the chocolate fairs held at various department stores every year. This year, in particular, I went to a department store right after the fair started because I had been curious about some chocolates since last year.
The chocolate I had been curious about was the “Suzuno Truffles” sold by the Japanese confectionery Suzukake only during the Valentine’s Day season.

Suzukake "Suzuno Truffles"

As you can see in the photo above, the truffles come in three different flavors (matcha, hojicha, and brown rice) and are presented in a very cute box with colorful flowers on it.

By the way, when you buy sweets at Suzukake, they put your purchase in a paper bag with the following symbol on it.

Suzukake "Suzuno Truffles"

The hieroglyphic character for “ka (meaning:confectionery)” is eye-catching, and many people may recognize this logo.
When I see someone carrying this paper bag, my feet naturally turn to the store and I think, “I’ll buy one too…” This logo has a great advertising effect (at least for me).

The “Ka” logo mark has been registered as a trademark for the designated product “confectionery” (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6059376, etc.).


  • February 15, 2023


The other day, I saw a news report that black pine bonsai grown at a bonsai center in Takamatsu City were exported to the EU after two years of cultivation and management. Japanese bonsai are very popular overseas, but the EU had a two-year export requirement from the standpoint of quarantine against pests and diseases.

Incidentally, a bonsai is a work of art that can be cared for in a way that appeals to an individual’s sense of beauty. However, it is not subject to design registration because it uses natural materials and cannot be mass-produced.


The photo shows a maple bonsai that has been in my parents’ garden for 60 years.(Swimmer)

Nagoya Doughnut

  • February 8, 2023


 The other day, I received a Nagoya Doughnut. The package is very cute with the orca and castle logo. Furthermore, the doughnut is flavored with Ogura(sweet red bean paste) margarine, which is delicious, and I thought it would be a very nice souvenir as a Nagoya specialty. The Nagoya doughnuts are a product of Meihou Foods Inc. There are numerous products, and I am also interested in their dorayaki(a bean-jam pancake) and manju(steamed bun).

Nagoya Doughnut

 When I checked the trademark registration, Nagoya Donut was not registered, but four of the numerous product names were registered.
 Nagoya Donut is a good name, but I wondered if it would be difficult to register it as a trademark. One of the registered trademarks of Meiho Foods Inc. is “Milky Magic”. This “Milky Magic” is a straw product that changes the taste of milk, and I would like to try drinking milk with this straw.(Raspberry)

Protecting the lives of your precious pets – Japan Animal Referral Medical Center

  • February 1, 2023

#patent #trademark

 About two months ago, my dog (male, 11 years old) looked unwell, so I took him to see his veterinarian, who referred him to the Japan Animal Referral Medical Center for a detailed examination.

animal Hospital

 At the Japan Animal Referral Medical Center, veterinarians in specialized medical fields provide optimal examination, diagnosis, and treatment for sick animals using specialized medical equipment.

 “JARMEC”, the abbreviation for Japan Animal Referral Medical Center, and the mark of Japan Animal Referral Medical Center are registered as Japanese trademarks (No. 5075207 and No. 5922959) for the designated service of “treatment of animals”. Japan Animal Referral Medical Center has also obtained a Japanese patent (No. 6840886) for the invention of “The planting inhibitor for cancer cells of dogs”.


 As a result of a detailed examination, fortunately no tumor or other abnormality was found in my dog, and he was diagnosed as being under observation for the time being. The index values improved with the administration of medication, and he is now living a healthy life. (Conan)

medical examination

 (Note) The illustration is an image and has nothing to do with the Japan Animal Referral Medical Center.