Kuro Shichimi

  • October 25, 2023


 Shichimi is often associated with a red-based coloring, but “Kuro Shichimi” is made by roasting the ingredients, and it looked really black.

Hararyokaku Kuroshichimi

 I looked up the “registered trademark” printed on the wooden container and found that not only the overall design (Japanese registration No. 4224606), but also “Kuro Shichimi” in vertical brushstroke characters (Japanese registration No. 5157375) had been registered. The registration information for No. 5157375 shows that the decision of refusal was made on the grounds that “since the overall design is easily recognizable as ‘black seven spice chili pepper,’ it is recognized as merely indicating the quality of the product (omitted),” but a subsequent appeal against the decision of refusal was filed. However, at a subsequent appeal against the decision of refusal, the trial court ruled that “it is reasonable to consider that the word as a whole is recognized and understood as a kind of coined word (omitted), and can fully fulfill its function as a mark to distinguish between their own goods and other goods,” and the decision was made to register the mark.

 The color of the word “Shichimi” is usually red, and the word “Shichimi” is black and the vertical brushstroke characters. The trademark has been registered.

 The taste is savory and it seems more mildly spicy than typical shichimi, and we enjoyed it over stewed beef tendon. (Marron)

Hararyokaku Corporation “Kuroshichimi”

Two-Stage Keyboard Piano

  • October 20, 2023

 I would like to introduce an invention closely related to today (October 20). This time, I will introduce the “Emanuel Mohr Pianoforte,” a piano with a two-tiered keyboard that looks like a harpsichord.

MIM Double Manual Piano CN5266

 Today, in 1931, is the date of the death of the Hungarian composer, pianist, and inventor of musical instruments, Emánuel Moór. Moór was a composer whose legacy includes five operas and eight symphonies, but he was also known for inventing musical instruments, most notably the two-stage keyboard piano.

Emánuel Moór

 The Mohr piano has two tiers of keys, one above the other, so that the player can grasp two octaves of pitch with one hand. I also took piano lessons when I was young, and it is true that if I could play chords two octaves wide with one hand, I would have a much wider range of expression. Moll actively used the Moll-style piano on his concert tours in Europe and the United States to promote its use.

 Upon further research, I found an article about the two-stage keyboard piano. The article compactly describes how various variant pianos were developed and disappeared during the development of the piano as an instrument.

 I think that I rarely think of musical instruments as inventions, but I felt that musical instruments are also a part of the history of inventions and technology. (blink)


  • October 11, 2023


When I visited Mie Prefecture the other day, I bought “Unemenagon”, a famous confectionery in Yokkaichi.


It is made and sold by “Nagamochi Sasaiya Co., Ltd.” in Mie Prefecture, which is famous for “Unemenagon” a type of rice cake with a water wheelhouse inside, and filled with sweet bean paste and gyuhi.

Unemenagon Unemenagon

The combination of the delicate monaka, which crumbles when eaten, the generous amount of sweet bean paste, and the soft gyuhi is the best.
The filling is so rich that you will be satisfied with just one piece, but after a while you will want to eat it again.

The “Unemenagon” trademark was registered on March 6, 2009 for the designated product “confectionery and bread” (Japanese registration No. 5211846). (Sakuramochi)

Patents regarding Drones

  • October 4, 2023


 Currently, drones are widely used in the fields of aerial photography, surveying, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries (e.g., agricultural chemical spraying), inspection (e.g., inspecting deterioration of high structures), transportation and logistics, and security surveillance.


 The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism is considering the use of highly versatile drones to obtain a wide range of information and speed up initial response in disaster areas in the event of a natural disaster. According to the “Survey and Analysis of Drone Patent Application Status” in April this year, the number of PCT applications (international applications) for 2016-2020 is ranked first by China, second by the United States, and third by Japan. By technical field, applications are related to airframe structure, flight control, flight support, communications, and drone port systems.

 Looking at applications in Japan, an average of about 500 patent applications per year for drone-related inventions were filed between 2016 and 2021. Among them is the invention of a “ball launcher” (Japanese Patent No. 6918384, Patentee: For Nature Co., Ltd.) that launches fire extinguishing balls from a drone at the scene of a fire.
 We hope that drone-based firefighting systems will be used effectively to extinguish wildfires, which are increasing worldwide due to the effects of global warming, as well as fires that occur in areas affected by earthquakes and other natural disasters. (Conan)

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism “Technical Study Group on the Utilization of Highly Versatile Drones to Meet Administrative Needs” (Only in Japanese)

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, “Survey and Analysis of Drone Patent Applications (April 2023) (Only in Japanese)(PDF)