Honorable Mention

  • November 30, 2023


The other day, I saw the book “Sequel to Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window” at a bookstore and bought it. The book was published in October 2023. When I was in elementary school, I wrote a book report on the book “Totto-chan at the Window” and received an honorable mention in the Nagoya City Book Report Competition. Seeing this book reminded me vividly of the commendation. The author of the book is Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, and the publisher is Kodansha Ltd.

“Totto-chan at the Window” is a registered trademark for newspapers, magazines, etc. (Product Category 16). The right holder is Kodansha Ltd. and the Japanese registration number is No. 3253119, with a registration date of January 31, 1997.

I thought visiting bookstores was a nice way to encounter a variety of books and topics depending on the time of year. (Raspberry)


Baci Chocolate

  • November 22, 2023


 Hello, this is Hiro.
 The other day, I received a gift of chocolate from my brother and his wife who were in Italy on their honeymoon. The chocolates are made by Perugina, a company founded in Italy in 1907.

Baci Chocolate Baci Chocolate

 The name “Baci” is the plural of “Bacio,” the Italian word for kiss, and when it was first developed in 1922, it was called “Cazotto” (fist) because of its appearance, but when it was changed to “Baci” it became very popular in Italy.
 The bite-sized chocolate with hazelnuts is not too sweet, and the aroma of chocolate and nuts fills the mouth; each piece contains a Cartiglio, a piece of paper with a saying about love written in four languages.

Baci Chocolate Baci Chocolate

 The “PERUGINA” on the package was registered as a Japanese trademark on October 27, 1975 (Japanese Registration No. 1167253), and the “Baci” logo was registered on February 27, 1979 (Japanese Registration No. 1374902). The company and products themselves have a very long history, but the history of trademark registration in Japan is also long.

Baci Chocolate official website: https://www.baciperugina.com/intl/

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Smelly Glass

  • November 16, 2023


This is Swimmer.
When shopping at the supermarket, I often see rows of capsule toy instruments. Looking at them, I feel that the number of acrylic key chains and stand toys has increased in the past few years. Various items, such as characters that have become popular on the Internet and regional limited editions, are colorfully printed on transparent acrylic resin, and when I see something that interests me, I try my hand at turning it.

Smelly Glass

Acrylic resin is called by various names, including “Smelly Glass,” which is the title of my blog this time. Acrylic resins seem to have many trademark names, and one of them is “Plexiglas” made by Evonik of Germany.

Wikipedia – Poly(methyl methacrylate)

Akafuku Tsuitachi Mochi

  • November 10, 2023


Some time ago, an acquaintance of mine gave me a “tsuitachi mochi” (first day of the month rice cake).
“Tsuitachi mochi” is a seasonal rice cake sold on the first day of each month, excluding New Year’s Day, to welcome people who visit the Ise Jingu Shrine on “Tsuitachi mairi” (first day of the month visit).

Akafuku Tsuitachi Mochi Akafuku Tsuitachi Mochi

At the Akafuku main store in Oharaimachi of Ise Jingu Shrine, many people line up from early in the morning for the tsuitachi mochi. For take-out, numbered tickets distributed the day before are required, but reservations can also be made online, and department stores in Mie, Aichi, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo also carry them.

Akafuku is a standard souvenir of Mie Prefecture, but the tsuitachi mochi is only sold once a month, making it very special. (Syszo)
Akafuku Tsuitachi Mochi (only in Japanese) https://tsuitachi.akafuku.co.jp/okuru

Akafuku Tsuitachi Mochi, Tsuitachi Mochi, has four registered trademarks (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 1949801, No. 2016873, No. 2300175, and No. 2707540).

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Kids Design Award

  • November 1, 2023

#design #invention #patent #trademark

The other day, while using the Internet, I came across the term “Kids Design Award”. Somehow I thought it might be related to design, so I read the article “Kids Design Award for ‘Eye Care Clip’ to Control Children’s Myopia“.

The Kids Design Award is an award system for products, services, spaces, activities, and research that fulfill the objectives of “living safely,”, “nurturing sensitivity and creativity,” and “creating a society where it is easy to have and raise children.”. With the aim of disseminating this information to society at large, it appears that in addition to designs for children, designs developed for adults and the general public are also eligible as long as they are child and child-rearing friendly.

Kids Design Award

The “Eye Care Clip” introduced in the article is a product developed by Clear Electronic Co., Ltd. in Tokyo I searched J-Plat Pat to see if the company had also owned patent and registered design, and found, as expected, 2 Japanese Patent applications, 4 Japanese Designs registrations, and 18 Japanese trademark applications.

Also, “Kids Design Award\KIDS DESIGN AWARD” was registered as a trademark. (Japanese Trademark registration No. 5010693, right holder: Non-profit organization Kids Design Association)

I was interested in the Kids Design Award because I felt that the award and intellectual property are a bit similar.
It would be nice to enrich our lives with useful inventions for children and families raising children. (Rabbit)

Kids Design Award (website) https://kidsdesignaward.jp/