Hakata Amaou

  • April 24, 2024


 The other day, I received a tax return gift from a municipality in Fukuoka Prefecture to which I donated last year. They are “Hakata Amaou” strawberries.

Hakata Amaou

 My children were delighted with the bright red, large strawberries. They ate them in no time.
 The name “Amaou” is said to stand for the initial letters of the words “red, round, large, and delicious,” which represent the characteristics of this strawberry (variety), as well as a wish that it will become the king of sweet strawberries.

Hakata Amaou

 “Hakata Amaou” is the brand name used by the JA Group in Fukuoka Prefecture for sales, and is registered as a trademark (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 5042710) for “fruits” and other designated products. “Amaou” was also registered as a trademark for the designated goods such as fruits before “Hakata Amaou” (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 4615573).
 Under the Trademark Law, the name of the variety cannot be registered as a trademark, but in the case of “Amaou,” the application for variety registration was filed before the product name was decided, so the variety name (“Fukuoka S6”) and the product name (“Amaou”) were different, and as a result, “Amaou” could be registered as a trademark and the brand could be improved. This resulted in the registration of “Amaou” as a trademark, and also led to brand enhancement (Hiro).

Hakata Amaou website
Amaou (Wikipedia: Japanese only)

Nice cookie can

  • April 19, 2024


It’s me, Swimmer.
I got cookies from a popular confectionery store.

cookie can

I knew there was a line at the department store in Nagoya station in the morning, but I was very happy when I got them because they were an item that I couldn’t buy until much further in advance even if I made a reservation.

The tin cans seem to be very popular these days, and there are websites that sell only the cans, as well as people who buy the goods for the cans that hold them. The cookie can I got from a store this time also has a very elegant design using letters, and the cookies are delicious. I am thinking about what I will use it for after I finish eating them.

The tinplate often used for cookie can is made by covering the surface of a steel plate with tin. Tin has long been used for toys and food products because it is less susceptible to corrosion than iron.
We are happy to be able to eat delicious sweets thanks to the wisdom of our ancestors.

Café Tanaka Website (Japanese only)
Tinning – Wikipedia

Iiyokan shika shinai! (Translation: I have only a good feeling about this!)

  • April 10, 2024


The other day, I received some sweets with a rather unusual name. It is a souvenir from Ehime Prefecture, and its name is “I~yokan shika shinai!”.

Iiyokan shika shinai! (I have only a good feeling about this!)

I~yokan shika shinai! is a flavorful madeleine filled with the peel and juice of Iyokan citrus produced in Ehime Prefecture, and is a product of Ichiroku Co., Ltd, a well-known confectionery in Shikoku and Ehime known for its Ichiroku Tart. I don’t think an explanation is necessary, but it is a combination of “Iyokan” and “iiyokan” which meaning good feeling.

Iiyokan shika shinai! (I have only a good feeling about this!)

Actually, I had known about this product for a long time and thought it was a bright and bold name. The fact that it is limited and emphasized with “shika(only)” is also good.

I was definitely going to buy it when I go on a trip to Ehime, but I realized that this is a great name for a souvenir that makes you feel happy when you receive it. Because I have only a good feeling about it!
Naming is very important. I have a feeling that something good will happen. (Syszo)

I~yokan shika shinai! is a registered trademark (J-PlatPat).
Would you like to protect your company’s important product or service name by registering it as a trademark?
Please feel free to contact us for further information and consultation.

Shisa Day

  • April 3, 2024

#design #trademark

April 3 is Shisa Day because of the Japanese syllabary that reads “Shi” (4) and “Sa” (3).
The name “Shisa” is pronounced “shishi(lion)” in Okinawan dialect, and it is said that Shisa has the meaning of driving away evil spirits.

When I visited Okinawa last year on a family vacation, I saw Shisa in many places.
The most impressive shisa was the “Tsuboya Ufu Shisa” near our hotel. “Ufu” means “big” or “large” in Okinawan dialect.

Tsuboya Ufu Shisa (Tsuboya Big Shisa)

A search of J-Plat Pat for items related to the Shisa in the intellectual property field yielded 33 hits for designs related to Shisa figurines and 12 hits for the trademark “Shisa”.(Rabbit)