Korea-Japan Attorneys Exchange Meeting 2016

  • February 26, 2016

 A Korea-Japan Attorneys exchange meeting was held in Nagoya the other day.

 Here at Nagoya, Japan, we welcomed many people related to intellectual property from the patent city Daejeon of Korea, and had a great time in this inter-regional exchange across the national border.

 I would like to thank all the participants of intellectual property experts from the Tokai region, including Nagoya, for taking time to make this meeting a really fruitful one (image 1).

image 1

 Do you know what Daejeon and Nagoya have in common? The answer is, Daejeon is located in the center of Korea, and Nagoya is in the geographical center of Japan (image 2).

image 2

 After the exchange meeting, some of us took to the city of Nagoya, and enjoyed talking about the business support through the intellectual property until late at night, over wine and local cuisine, while listening to the nice piano music.

 I hope such private interactions between the local cities in the neighboring countries will continue to develop.


by Mr. Peace

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