“3D Art” on a caramel package

  • December 28, 2022


Caramel is a popular flavor of popcorn, but sometimes I feel like eating caramel itself.
When I think of caramel, the yellow box of “Morinaga Milk Caramel” comes to mind.
The design of the box is interesting to look at because of its history, but when I bought it after a long time, I found that the package had become a “3D art” package that could be enjoyed.

3D Art on a caramel package

Pictures of people and animals are printed on the outer film, which is superimposed on the background printed on the inside of the box to create a space with depth.
It is a simple but exciting device. Hats off to a great idea.

This package won the Bronze Prize in the confectionery category of the “Japan Package Design Award 2023” in 2022. (Time)

Japanese Registered Trademark
Registration number: No. 89075
Registration date: November 6, 1917

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