Approach to trademark registration – A different perspective of a maverick

  • December 27, 2021


Generally, when you develop a new product or service, you will consider various names for the trademark (naming) as to what kind of name you should use.
However, there are some eccentric people who come up with certain names (trademarks) first and then start thinking about what kind of product or service they will provide with it.


The other day, when I went on a trip to Kyoto and looked around the shrines and temples, I met a person who wanted to use the trademark “Kinkakuji” (The Temple of the Golden Pavilion). That person was thinking what kind of product would be profitable or make him/her happy. He/she came up with “Kinkakuji miso”, “Kinkakuji tea”, “Kinkakuji sake” and so on. The person wants to sell products that fit the image of the name and decide on a business that can make profit from trademarks and products.
I think there will be an era in the future for such an approach to trademarks. Let’s start with search and survey. (Rice Ball)

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