At Gacha Gacha no Mori

  • October 7, 2020


“Gacha Gacha no Mori”, which was newly opened in Asunal Kanayama in front of Kanayama Central Station, is a capsule-toy-specialized store with many capsule toy machines piled up.

From popular character mascots to things you would be surprised to find as a toy, there are more capsule toys than you can imagine, such as miniature figures, and you will be thrilled just by looking at them.
Usually, there is a box to return empty capsules, so I looked around and found it!

It’s a simple mechanism of inserting an empty capsule from the capsule inlet, rolling three slopes and dropping it into the collection box that seems to be installed inside, but it is playful and makes you want to insert the capsule. Put unnecessary paper and plastics in another slot and roll the capsule. This makes sorting fun and easy, and easy processing after collection. With this system, there is only merit for both the customer and the shop assistant.

And there it was! The word “patent application is in processing” is in the upper right corner of the recycling box!
Japanese Patent Application No. 2020-116620
From the application number, it seems that the application was made around July this year. Since it has not been published yet, I cannot see the contents of the invention on J-PlatPat, but I am interested in what kind of patent application it is.
By the way, the goods that I got of Gacha Gacha are not disclosed ♪ (Cacao)

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