Baked Sweet Potato ~Beni Tenshi~

  • February 21, 2024


When I go to a supermarket or a discount store, freshly baked sweet potatoes are sold regardless of summer or winter, and a delicious smell drifts around the baked sweet potato machine, and I end up buying it.
The other day, I found the familiar ‘Calbee’ logo of the famous snack food company ‘Calbee, Inc.’ on the back of a bag of baked sweet potato I had purchased.

Calbee Kaitsuka Sweet Potato

Curious, I looked up the printed part ‘Calbee Kaitsuka Sweet Potato’ and found that the company was ‘Calbee Kaitsuka Sweet Potato Co’. This company is an affiliate of ‘Calbee, Inc.’, and was the largest sweet potato company in Ibaraki Prefecture, but became ‘Calbee Kaitsuka Sweet Potato, Inc.’.
The baked sweet potato purchased this time is registered as a trademark under the product name ‘Beni Tenshi’. (Time)

Beni Tenshi

●Japanese registered trademark:
Standard character trademark: Beni Tenshi
Registration number: No. 6759317
Date of registration: 4 December 2023
Trademark proprietor: Calbee Kaitsuka Sweet Potato, Inc.

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