Canned Soft Bread

  • May 14, 2024


It was time to replace the preserved food in the emergency bags stockpiled in the firm and I received three types of canned soft bread that reached their expiry date.

Canned Soft Bread

These foods can be stored for up to five years, and I eat them while feeling thankful that I have a rolling stock of them without being hit by a disaster.
I started with the egg-free plain, opened the pull-top can and put it out on a plate. It looks like a vertical cupcake.

Canned Soft Bread

They were moist, soft and slightly sweet, so I was able to enjoy eating them.
My family also liked them. They are filling and if eaten with preserved water, they will make you feel fuller.

Canned Soft Bread

Being able to eat the can as soon as it is opened is a big advantage, but empty cans have concern that they become disaster waste. The paper label could be removed cleanly, which is a good point for easy sorting.

The ‘AST 新・食・缶ベーカリー’ on the paper label is a Japanese registered trademark (No. 5610551).
The emergency bag stockpiled is an emergency backpack with 30 items purchased from Disaster Prevention and Crime Prevention Direct, which won the Good Design Award 2012. ‘防災防犯ダイレクト’ is also a Japanese registered trademark (No. 6423555).
In order to avoid stockpiles becoming unusable, it is important to check the expiry dates of not only foodstuffs, but also equipment.

Later on, I also enjoyed the orange-flavoured canned soft bread with orange peel. I am looking forward to eating the brown sugar canned soft bread as I haven’t had it yet. One tin of canned soft bread has the calories equivalent to about two rice balls, so it is probably best to have it for breakfast or lunch rather than as a snack♪(Cacao)

Canned soft bread 24 cans |Professional Disaster Prevention Shop for Earthquake Preparedness (Japanese only)
Emergency backpack with 30 items |Professional Disaster Prevention Shop for Earthquake Preparedness (Japanese only)

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