Chicken Bento

  • May 30, 2024


When I visited Tokyo early this year, I was looking forward to having a ‘chicken lunchbox’ on the bullet train on the way home.
I had seen an exhibition at the Railway Museum about ekiben from all over Japan and was attracted by their retro packaging, and had always wanted to try it.

Chicken Bento

The pop, retro packaging catches the eye.

Chicken Bento

The chicken bento contains chicken rice and fried chicken, and is all about chicken.

The ‘chicken bento’ has a long history and has been on sale since 1964.
It is a long-selling product that has been loved for many years, and the taste is needless to say very tasty. If I ever have the chance to visit Tokyo again, I will definitely buy it.

The eye-catching ‘chicken bento’ logo on an orange checkered background is a registered trade mark for ‘box lunch containing a chicken daily dish’ (Japanese Registration No. 6215958).

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