Chocolate snack, Takenoko no Sato

  • June 3, 2020


I found boxes of popular Japanese chocolate snack, “Takenoko no Sato” in soybean powder and brown sugar syrup flavor, displayed in a supermarket. It is made by Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. (Company website in English) (information on the subject product in Japanese)

I like this combination among the Japanese-style flavors, and as I expected, it was delicious.
The shape of “Kinoko no Yama”, which is a sister product, is registered as a three-dimensional trademark (Trademark Registration No. 6031305), but this “Takenoko no Sato” is under examination (Trademark Application No. 2018-71264). Like ” Kinoko no Yama”, I wonder if it will be registered as a three-dimensional trademark in the future as well. (time)

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