Gohei Mochi from Yotsuya Senmaida (Thousand Rice Paddies of Yotsuya)

  • September 8, 2021


The other day, I went to Toshika Shrine in Toyokawa City to have my car purified.
After the prayer, I was given a set of Gohei mochi as a gift. It was a set of vacuum-packed Gohei mochi and Hatcho miso sauce.
The rice used is Mineasahi rice grown in the Senmaida rice field in Yotsuya, and the skewers are made of cedar wood from near Horaiji Mountain. In addition to a leaflet on how to eat it, three pamphlets were enclosed, showing the many particulars and thoughts of the producers.

Gohei Mochi from Yotsuya Senmaida

According to J-PlatPat, the product name “Yotsuya Senmaida” branded on the skewers has been applied for as a Japanese trademark application. As the application is under examination, I read the argument in response to the notice of reasons for refusal and was able to catch a glimpse of the applicant’s contribution to regional revitalization through “Yotsuya Senmaida,” a regional and tourist resource.
I would like to enjoy the Gohei mochi while thinking about the Senmaida rice field in Yotsuya, which I have yet to visit. (Cacao)

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