Himaka Island

  • August 17, 2022


Last weekend I visited Himaka Island in Aichi Prefecture with a friend. It’s about an hour drive from Nagoya and you can reach Himaka Island in about 10 minutes by high-speed boat from Morozaki Port.
It is close to Nagoya, so it is an enjoyable one-day trip, and I felt like I had taken a trip even though I was within the prefecture.

I bought some “Himaka Island Island Seaweed” as a souvenir for my family. “Himaka Island Island Seaweed” is a seaweed sold by the Himaka Island Fishery Cooperative Association, and its package is a registered trademark (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 4481826).

Himaka Island Island Seaweed

I would like to visit the island again in a different season, as it is close to Nagoya and fresh seafood can be enjoyed all year round. (Rabbit)

Himaka Island Sightseeing Navigation (Japanese)
Himaka Island Fishery Cooperative Association (Japanese)

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