• December 16, 2020


I would like to introduce to you a certain food I encountered when I lived in England that shocked me.
It’s a smooth dark brown paste called Marmite. British people like to eat it with toast. The taste was salty-ish yet bitter-ish, and I couldn’t understand why it was liked by them because it has a really strong taste. However it had a natto-like sensation that we have in Japan, and it made me feel a sense of familiarity with the British people.

The package design has a strong impact and there is a unique presence like no other. Examining the actual raw materials and manufacturing method, it seems that it is made from yeast generated during the beer manufacturing process. It is nutritious and that is also similar to natto. Some traditional fish and chips are fried in beer, making beer and this Marmite an indispensable existence to Britain.
I would like to eat if I have a chance to go to England again someday.
When I looked up “Marmite” on J-PlatPat, I found 3 Japanese trademark registration. The most recent one was registered in September 2019. I was surprised that the trademark was registered in Japan as well. (Marigold)

Marmite Official Website (English):Marmite Spread Yeast Extract 250g | Marmite
Wikipedia:Marmite – Wikipedia

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