Mattress worth more than the price

  • June 5, 2024

#design #patent #trademark

 I am considering buying a new bed. There are many factors to consider when choosing a new bed, such as the comfort of the mattress, whether it is firm or soft, and the material it is made of. When I went to Nitori the other day, I found a “Patent Registered” mark on the “N Sleep Luxury Series” mattress.

 A J-PlatPat search for “Nitori Holdings, Inc.” and “mattress” yielded 11 patents (8 of which were valid), 10 designs, and 16 trademarks related to “N Sleep,” the name of the mattress product series.

 At the store, I could lie down without taking off my shoes, and it was fun to try different kinds of products. I also found out that I prefer “firm” sleeping comfort. Since it is something to use for a long time, so I will carefully consider my choice. (Marron)

Nitori N Sleep Mattress Special (Japanese only)

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