Natsuno Seiya (Summer Seiya)

  • August 12, 2021


It’s been hot days when the temperature doesn’t drop even in the evening.

It feels like the culture of watching the setting sun and enjoying the cool evening has been lost in Japan today and more like a world apart.

However, when it gets dark and night begins, Cygnus (or the Swan constellation) shows the unchanged appearance with its wings spread and flies from north to south along the Milky Way.

I found a sweet package with a cute summer night sky as a motif, so I will introduce it for eye candy.

Natsuno Seiya (Summer Seiya)

”Natsuno Seiya” by Minokame Co., Ltd.

Minokame Co., a Okaki (Japanese rice cracker) maker in Nagoya, and the logo “Minokame” is registered as a trademark.


Japanese trademark registration number: No. 3107725
Registration date: December 26, 1995

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