Patent: Pancake mix

  • January 27, 2021

#patent #trademark

Since cake is my favorite food, I checked on patents for cake. When I looked up for cakes that were registered as patent, I found Japanese Patent Registration No. 5771385, [Title of the invention] The arrangement mix of hot cake mixes, and premixed foods, whose owner is Morinaga & Co.,Ltd.

Morinaga & Co., Ltd.’s hot cake mix is available at the store I usually go to, and you can easily purchase them.
When I looked at the package of the pancake mix, the JPA (Japan Premix Association) mark was printed. The Japan Premix Association has established the JPA mark from the standpoint of “recognizing awareness and responsibility as a member and contributing to consumers”, and the display is being carried out to the products of member companies after undergoing trademark procedures to the Japan Patent Office.

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