Pokémon Center

  • November 17, 2021


The most exciting thing for my children was the reopening of the Pokémon Center after the state of emergency was cancelled. Even before the state of emergency was declared, Pokémon Center was crowded with people from small children to the elderly, but it had been closed during the declaration of the state of emergency. The Pokémon Center is an attractive place for children, as they can get items when they bring their game consoles and get stickers in their birthday month. As more and more things go online, it seems that we will continue to be served by stores that remind us of the fun of visiting an actual store.


I found a trademark registration for the Pokémon Center logo and standard characters on J-Plat Pat. The logo is Japanese trademark registration number 4598029, and the standard letters are registration numbers 4447341 and 5195807. (Marigold)

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