SABACHI and TUNACHI – Naming Devices.

  • December 22, 2022


 I would like to introduce some snacks I recently ate, and thought were delicious.
 They are “SABACHI” mackerel chips and “TUNACHI” tuna chips.


 They are crispy and have a light salty taste, while the ” SABACHI ” has a slight sweetness as well. Each is made with 70% mackerel and tuna, respectively, so the fish flavor is amazing. They are like the mackerel and tuna versions of Bankaku’s Yukari, a famous snack in the Tokai region (a rice cracker richly flavored with shrimp). The fact that it looks healthy is also a great point.


 It is a little hard to tell, but the reddish one is “TUNACHI”. In my family, the “TUNACHI” is more popular by three to one.


 On the package, there is an indication “Trademark registration pending,” but the trademark for the letters “SABACHI” (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6321782) and the package (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6437358) and the trademark for the letters “TUNACHI” (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6376443) and the package (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6361490) have been registered, respectively. The “SABACHI” and “TUNACHI” trademarks were registered.

 “SABACHI” and “TUNACHI” seem to have been coined by abbreviating the ending (PS) of “SABACHIPS” and “TUNACHIPS,” respectively, but if “SABACHIPS” or “TUNACHIPS” had been applied for, the application would have been rejected under Article 3(1)(iii) of the Trademark Law (a trademark that merely indicates the quality of goods in a common manner). Whether or not it was to avoid this reason for refusal is not known, but the above trademarks were applied for under “SABACHI” and “TUNACHI” by devising the naming, and the registration was granted without receiving any notice of reason for refusal (Hiro).

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