Salted Olives ~Fragata~

  • July 5, 2024


 Salted olives are found in salads, ajillo, pizza, pasta, and other dishes from the Mediterranean region. I bought them because I saw them at an imported food store.


 It is a product of Angel Camacho, the company that owns the Fragata brand. The company is located in a vast olive grove near Seville, Spain, and has accumulated know-how in olive production and processing for more than 120 years since its establishment in 1897 (see “Fragata” page of Yutaka Trading Company Limited)
 ”Fragata” means “Frigate”. Above the word “Fragata” on the bottle label is a mark of a sailing ship that appears to be a frigate.


 A J-PlatPat search revealed that ” FRAGATA ” and “フラガタ/FRAGATA ” are registered trademarks (the right holder is “Grupo Angel Camacho, S. El”). The trademark “FRAGATA” is a registered trademark for “FRAGATA”.
 FRAGATA” was registered on November 28, 1978 (Japanese registration No. 1356727 ) as a trademark for processed vegetables and fruits (Class 29) and fruits (Class 31) etc. “フラガタ/FRAGATA ” was registered on September 21, 1990 (Japanese registration No. 2262810 ) for edible fats (Class 29) and seasonings (Class 30).


 I tried one piece as it is as a snack, and felt the unique flavor and oiliness of olives in a salty taste. It is very good with alcohol. I think they would be very tasty if used in cooking (Hiro).

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