Single-Slice Toaster abien BREAD GRILL

  • May 22, 2024


 The abien BREAD GRILL is a single-slice toaster that grills bread between the top and bottom plates. It is a new product developed by Abien, famous for its ‘Magic Grill’ (hot plate). From December 2023 to February 2024, the support purchase project has been listed on the crowdfunding management website Makuake.. (Japanese only)

 The other day, one of our supporters received the goods at my home. The central part of the front of the lid is marked with the word ‘abien’


 Switch on the power and turn the mode selection dial to select the cooking mode QUICK/LOW/HI to preheat the plate. When the preheat complete lamp illuminates, place the bread on the bottom plate, close the lid and press the start button to start baking. When baking is complete and the buzzer sounds, open the lid.

(L:Before baking , R:After baking)

 The bread is baked with both sides in contact with the top and bottom plates, so both sides are baked evenly. As there is no wasted space around the plates, the heat of the plate is efficiently transferred to the bread, it keeps the moisture out. The spring force holding the top and bottom plates together is not too strong, so it keeps the bread fluffy accordingly, without crushing it excessively. The top and bottom plates can be removed and washed in water, making them easy to clean.
 The trademarks ‘abien BREAD GRILL’ and ‘アビエン ブレッドグリル’ are pending registration (Japanese Application 2023-132897, 2023-132898). (Conan)

(Reference: Trademark URL)

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