The idea twist! ~The world of automatic driving~

  • December 7, 2020


Wouldn’t you like to utilize such technology?
There are many surface processing technologies in the world that block electromagnetic waves that cause noise.
On the contrary, there is a rare value to a surface treatment technology which transmits the millimeter waves emitted by the millimeter wave radar, and is also blindfolded (blocks the eyesight), and the appearance is beautiful!
We can introduce to you a Japanese company that provides such rare and valuable technologies.
If you are interested, please contact us (Hattori & Partners).
“Millimeter wave radar” irradiates millimeter waves (wavelengths of electromagnetic waves is 1 to 10 mm) and It is widely used for automatic driving with a measuring device that measures the distance from an obstacle to the time it takes for it to reflect off an object and return. (rice ball)

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