What Will Happen? TOKIO-BA” in Nishigo Village, Fukushima Prefecture

  • December 7, 2022


I traveled to Fukushima Prefecture in October. It was my first visit in over three years due to the Corona disaster.
While enjoying the autumn leaves that began to change colors earlier than in Nagoya, I saw Mt. Iimori, the place of the Byakkotai’s suicide attack, and “Sazae-do” (official name: Entsu Sansodou) with its unusual architectural style, and “Ouchi-juku” where houses with thatched roofs line the street and the atmosphere of the Edo period remains.

During the trip, I went to that “TOKIO-BA” because I just passed near Nishigo Village.


“TOKIO-BA” is a creative project started by three members of TOKIO, who are working to promote the appeal of Fukushima Prefecture, in Nishigo Village, Fukushima Prefecture. On the day I visited, “Fukusima BArche”, a marche selling Fukushima products, was being held and many people were visiting.

TOKIO-BA seems to have 80,000 square meters of land, but there is almost nothing there yet.
A search for “TOKIO-BA” on J-PlatPat shows that a Japanese trademark application has been filed.
Looking at the designated goods or designated services seems to give us a glimpse of what they are trying to do here. I look forward to seeing what they are going to do in the future.(Syszo)

TOKIO-BA – TOKIO Inc. (Japanese only)

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