“Tokuno” Ken-chan

  • September 23, 2020


I feel like eating cold food when it’s hot.
In such a time, it would be great to have a cold tofu that is easy and nutritious.

When I look through tofu section in a supermarket, my eyes always find a certain product.
It is a tofu by Otokomae (Handsome guy) Tofu.
The graphic illustrations of the package are unique and totally different from other tofu packages, and it is a product that you cannot miss seeing even if you do not buy it.

As for the taste, it seems that it is rich and has a good reputation as advertised as “Tokuno” i.e. super rich and creamy. It also has a unique, long and thin shape. Depending on how you arrange it, it could become a gem food that is like a flower to the dining table. (time)

“Ken-chan” is registered as the standard character for “Tokuno Ken-chan” for ” Otokomae Tofu”.
● “Ken-chan” trademark registration number: 5345081

Men’s tofu store https://otokomae.jp/

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