The Rainy Season Period

  • November 30, 2022

This is Swimmer.
I wrote the following blog in June of this year.

The rainy season has begun | HATTORI & PARTNERS – Patents,Trademarks,Designs
I wrote that the end of the rainy season was announced only 13 days after the beginning of the rainy season, which may be the shortest statistical record.

Rainy Season

However, after that, the rainy season continued, and the official end of the rainy season in the Tokai region was announced on July 23, which is about the same as a normal year.
It seems that there is a clear distinction between the preliminary report issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency and the announcement of the results after taking into consideration the progress of the rainy season.

The year 1951 was 71 years ago when the statistics were first compiled, and it seems that observation equipment has advanced considerably since then. There may be newly developed and invented technologies.
We hope to continue to provide information that is useful to our daily lives through ever-evolving science and technology and steady observational statistics.

Japan Meteorological Agency | Past Beginning and End of the Rainy Season (Tokai) (

Roasted Chestnuts

  • November 24, 2022


 The other day I found a registered trademark on a package of chestnuts. Fukuguri are sweet roasted chestnuts.

Roasted Chestnuts

 I enjoyed eating these roasted chestnuts on their own and as Mont Blanc cake.

The roasted chestnuts I have had so far have been chestnuts with all the skin on and without the skin. Chestnuts with the skin on have flavor. However, if the chestnuts have the skin all over them, it takes time to peel the skin off, and it is very hard to get your hands dirty.

As stated on the package, these roasted chestnuts are easy to peel because the skins of the roasted chestnuts are cracked. They are also easy to cook and eat. (Raspberry)

“Fukuguri Chestnuts”
Owner: Shinko Trading Co. , Ltd.
Japanese Trademark Registration Application: No. 2011-64660
Registration Date: March 30, 2012

Up cycle

  • November 16, 2022

#patent #trademark

 In recent years, the term “up cycling” has come to be used frequently amidst growing environmental awareness. For example, the Japanese published unexamined patent application No. 2022-115087 states the following.

 ”Up cycle” is one form of recycling, and is to provide new added value such as design and idea to waste which should be discarded and to upgrade and change to another new product. It can be said that the above described embodiment is upgraded to a fermentation composition ・・・ for food waste and food before expiration, and which can be used as a food by a person.

 The applicant of this published gazette, Soi Co., Ltd. is a company that develops fermented foods in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. You can find their philosophy on upcycling on their website.

 The “UP 0 TECH®” Japanese registration trademark (No. 6550670), which stands for “technological thinking that eliminates the concept of waste and recycles all resources,” has been registered as a trademark for the following designated products and services.


 Class 3 (cosmetics)
  Cosmetics manufactured by upcycling (waste recycling)
 Class 30 (Confectionery and foodstuffs)
  Coffee made by upcycling (waste recycling)
  Bread produced by upcycling (waste recycling)
 Class 40 (Processed goods)
  Provision of information and advice relating to upcycling (waste recycling)

 The website states, “We hope to realize a circular economy through the technologies and methods produced by UP 0 TECH®”. We expect that this technology will be in increasingly high demand in the future. (Conan)

Help Mark

  • November 10, 2022


 The other day, according to the news, the release of artist Ringo Sheena’s album bonus goods has been postponed because they resemble the Help Mark.
 The Help Mark, which is a combination of a white cross and a heart, is a pictogram created by the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to make it easier for people to get help by letting them know that they need assistance or consideration even if it is not apparent from the outside, such as the use of artificial legs or joints, or internal disabilities. The Help Mark has been displayed on the Toei Subway Oedo Line since October 2012. The trademark “Help Mark” has no designation, and the right holder is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. (Japanese Trademark registration No. 5624913)
 The Help Mark is also distributed at the section in charge of disability welfare in each municipality and at prefectural public health centers in Aichi Prefecture.

Help Mark

 In addition, the Red Cross “Red Cross Mark” is a mark to protect people injured in wars and conflicts, as well as military medical units, Red Cross rescue workers and facilities that provide aid to such people, and it is strictly prohibited by international and domestic laws to attack hospitals, rescue workers, etc. that display the “Red Cross Mark. International and national laws strictly prohibit attacks on hospitals, rescue workers, etc. displaying the Red Cross symbol. The use of the Red Cross logo is restricted to the Red Cross Society and organizations that are legally designated to use it, and its use is also prohibited for general hospitals, medical supplies, etc.
 I hope for a world where everyone can live with kindness and help each other. (Marron)

Help Mark, a sign of mutual aid (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health Website)

Kaga-bocha (Kaga is a city in Ishikawa prefecture, bocha means twig tea)

  • November 2, 2022

#Regional Collective Trademark

I went to Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture over the weekend. I went to “Higashi Chaya District” famous for its traditional streets, and “Ohmicho Market,” where you can enjoy seafood. During the trip, I bought a bottle of Kaga-bocha, a type of hojicha (roasted green tea), which was very fragrant and had a deep and delicious flavor. The package of the bottle is also gorgeous and cute, and I liked it.

Kaga-bocha Kaga-bocha_regional collective trademark

On the side of the package, there is an explanation about Kaga-bocha, the last sentence reads, “Kaga-bocha is a regional collective trademark owned by the Ishikawa Prefecture Tea Merchant Industry Cooperative Association”.
A search on J Plat-Pat revealed that the trademark was registered as Japanese Trademark No. 6219164. (Rabbit)

Ishikawa Prefecture Tea Merchant Industry Cooperative Association’s Regional Collective Trademark page (Japanese only)
Kaga-bocha information on Japan Patent Office homepage (Japanese only)