Toraya Uiro “Tora no Kodou“

  • June 21, 2024


Toraya Uiro Inc. located in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, is a long-time customer of our firm.
(Click here for an article we wrote about the registered trademark of “Nama Uiro” and the tiger’s mark.)

I was curious about the product called “Tora no kodou” (tiger’s heartbeat), which was recently registered as a trademark, and bought it when I went out to a department store. I also bought it together with “Kotorayaki”, which is recommended by a member of our firm.

Toraya Uiro "Tora no Kodou“ with "Kotorayaki"

There was no description on the package, but a cute pop-up on the showcase attracted my attention, and it described the product as “a normal half-size product in a package that will last for a long time”.

Toraya Uiro "Tora no Kodou“

Uiro is wrapped in a clear film, in a plastic container, and vacuum-packed in a plastic bag. There is no traditional wrapping paper, but it seems that by placing the product in a plastic container, the shape of the product is kept intact even when vacuumed. The actual product we purchased had six days until its expiration date.

The expiration date of “Nama Uiro,” which contains no preservatives, does not last longer than two days, including the day of purchase, but “Tora no Kodo” has been extended to 10 days.
Using preservatives to extend the expiration date changes the taste and texture. It is wonderful that they have succeeded in extending the expiration date without using preservatives and by keeping the product in a vacuum, while maintaining its delicious taste. I felt their belief in making “Uiro”, which is to meet the needs of the times while preserving the traditional taste.

Toraya Uiro "Tora no Kodou“

Please try it for yourself. (Syszo)
“Tora no Kodou” (Japanese Trademark registration number: No. 6810039)
Toraya Uiro

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