Patent: Pancake mix

  • January 27, 2021

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Since cake is my favorite food, I checked on patents for cake. When I looked up for cakes that were registered as patent, I found Japanese Patent Registration No. 5771385, [Title of the invention] The arrangement mix of hot cake mixes, and premixed foods, whose owner is Morinaga & Co.,Ltd.

Morinaga & Co., Ltd.’s hot cake mix is available at the store I usually go to, and you can easily purchase them.
When I looked at the package of the pancake mix, the JPA (Japan Premix Association) mark was printed. The Japan Premix Association has established the JPA mark from the standpoint of “recognizing awareness and responsibility as a member and contributing to consumers”, and the display is being carried out to the products of member companies after undergoing trademark procedures to the Japan Patent Office.

Internet application system for entrance examinations

  • January 22, 2021


In the Intellectual Property industry where we are, patent application, design registration application, trademark registration application would come to our mind when we use the word “application”. However, in the general society, many people may think of the procedure of mailing the application forms and surveys to take an examination for high school or university. Recently, Internet applications have become more common in applying for entrance examinations.

Under such circumstances, the invention “Matching method of application data and survey report data”, which focused on improving the business of sending the survey report of the examinee from the entry school to the applying school and accepting the survey report, was registered last year in June and August. It was registered as Japanese Patent Registration No. 6715423 and Japanese Patent Registration No. 6752480 (Patent holder: At System Co., Ltd.) With these inventions, it is possible to shorten the working hours of teachers and school clerical staff, as well as preventing data entry errors during transcription work.

From the viewpoint of patent application procedure, it is noteworthy that these two patent applications are subject to the exception of loss of novelty for the presentation before filing and for request for accelerated examination. Therefore, Japanese Patent Registration No. 6715423 was registered in about 7 months after filing, and Japanese Patent Registration No. 6752480 was registered only in about 4 months after filing. According to the patentee’s homepage (URL below), it seems that the system has already been adopted by many schools.

The examination season is coming soon. If any of the students who are viewing this blog are taking the exam, be careful of your physical condition and do your best. (Conan)
(At System Co., Ltd. Homepage (Japanese))
(Website for Internet application system, school operation support system (Japanese))

Glasses that don’t hang on your nose

  • January 13, 2021


The other day, when I stopped by at the Gozaisho service area, I saw a photo signboard. It seems the temples, not the nose, tuck the sides of the face to support the glasses. I thought this was very good because the nose pad would leave marks on my face and remove my makeup.

The sign says “Patent pending”, so I looked it up on J-PlatPat, and there was a patent filed by iZone Japan Co., Ltd., the original seller of the product.
(Japanese Patent Publication No. 2020-95243, Japanese Patent No. 6749712)

The patent was published in 2020, and it had already been registered by then, so when checking the progress information, it seems that it was the subject of super accelerated examination.

If you meet the requirements of (1) and (2), an application will be subject to the super accelerated examination.
(1) Being both an “implementation-related application” and a “foreign-related application”, or being both an application by a venture company and being an “implementation-related application”
(2) The application must be an online procedure for all procedures performed after 4 weeks before the application for super accelerated examination.

For details on Super Accelerated Examination, please refer to “Procedures for Super Accelerated Examination” on the JPO website. (Marron)
(Japanese only)
(Q & A about Super Accelerated Examination by Google translation)

Shika-senbei (Biscuits for Deer)

  • January 6, 2021


The other day, I went to Nara, the ancient city of Japan, for the first time.
Because I spent my childhood abroad, I never had a chance to visit there.
The popular sites to visit in Nara I thought were the Great Buddha and deer in Nara park, so I went to Todaiji Temple and Nara Park.
In and around Nara Park where many deer inhabit, Shika-senbei (Biscuits for Deer) were sold in various places.
I wanted to interact with the deer, so I purchased one. It was bundled with a stamped sheet and it was written “Trademark Registration No.23863885”.

I searched it on J-Plat Pat and found that the characters “Shika-senbei” were registered as Japanese trademark. The right holder was the “The Nara Deer Preservation Foundation” and the registration date was February 28, 1992. The deer, which is also designated as a protected species, is an animal that is protected and loved in many ways. (Rabbit)