Houjicha Latte

  • April 30, 2021


I found a familiar trademark. If you look at the Nestlé coffee and latte products that I usually drink, you will notice the registered trademarks on the packages.
This time, I bought a Hojicha latte.

I felt I was able to find the Nestlé’s intellectual property strategy from looking at the numerous registered trademarks on Nestlé’s coffee and latte packaging.

Just looking at the packaging of Hojicha latte, it seems that three or more registered trademarks are used. For the registered trademark of Hojicha Latte, “NUTRITIONAL COMPASS” was registered as International Registration No. 865020, Basic Registration was No. 536777, and was registered in the Swiss Federation on June 23, 2005, and “Nestlé” was registered as Japanese Trademark Registration No. 2001464. Registered on November 20, 1987, “Nestle Good Food, Good Life” was registered as Japanese Trademark Registration No. 4696929 on August 1, 2003. (Raspberry)

Support your new life

  • April 14, 2021

#patent #trademark

From March to April, the phrase “new life support” are often seen in electric appliance shops and home centers. Not only when you move to a new land, but also when you commute from the same home as before, if your school or workplace changes, you will start a new life. You need products and services to support your new life.

Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd., a furniture and interior company, applied for the picture trademark below in October last year (2020) (Japanese Trademark Application No.2020-32144), and is awaiting examination as of the end of March 2021. I saw it used for store shelves and leaflets.

In addition, when I searched for “new life” in the patent as a keyword, I found the invention of “real estate information providing device” (Japanese Patent No. 6626166). It is to appropriately provide property information that meets the needs of users. In paragraph [0047], it is written “In addition, the user selects the requirements that he / she wants to emphasize, the requirements that he / she wants to have, the requirements that he / she thinks are indispensable for his / her new life, and the requirements where he / she seeks comfort in a new way of living.”

I think starting a new life in the corona crisis is more anxious than usual, but there are various new life support products and services around. Why don’t you use them effectively? (Conan)


  • April 7, 2021

#design #patent

My child has become crazy about volleyball lately, partly due to the influence of the anime “Haikyu !!”. The ball we have at home is from Mikasa Corporation, and it seems to correspond to the Design Registration No. 1318937.

However, looking at Mikasa’s homepage, it seems that the one with design registration No. 1574960 is currently the mainstream. The one with this design also had a “patent registration” label. When I searched with J-PlatPat, I found some patents of Mikasa Corporation. I was not sure which patent corresponded to this volleyball, but I realized once again that the things that children use on a daily basis are also supported by intellectual property. (Marron)

Mikasa Corporation: https://mikasasports.co.jp/e/

Note: “Haikyu !!” is a registered Japanese trademark of Shueisha.