Olive Pasta

  • May 27, 2020


 Hello. This is Hiro.
 I found a patent number (No.5180993) on the package of pasta that I was given as a souvenir.

 The dry pasta noodles, before boiling, have two grooves extending in the longitudinal direction on the front surface and one on the back surface. Because of this structure, the end-surface (cross section) of the noodle has substantially a W shape as it is shown in Fig.1 of Patent No. 5180993.

 The grooves remained firmly on the noodles after cooking.

 The noodles kneaded with olive oil were chewy, and it was very delicious because the sauce was entwined well with the grooved noodles.

 If you are interested in the content of this patent, please refer to the following J-PlatPat link.
 Patent No. 5180993 (Noodles manufacturing method)
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