Nagoya company collaboration product

  • December 4, 2020

The other day, I found a company collaboration product produced by Nagoya. A company collaboration product is a collaboration product jointly produced by multiple companies,

When we talk about collaborative products, we often see collaboration between manga, anime, movies, etc. and stationery or sweets, but since it is a collaboration between companies in Nagoya and food manufacturers, I felt the novelty.

The collaboration product which I found is a collaboration between “Ichibiki Co., Ltd”, a manufacturing company of miso, soy sauce, etc. and “Kasugai Confectionery Co., Ltd.”, a company famous for its bean sweets. The collaboration product is “Boiled Peanuts (chicken stock and pepper flavor)”. The deliciousness of “chicken stock and pepper flavor” and “boiled peanuts” was a real “inventive” collaboration.
For people in the Chubu region, both companies are manufacturers that we eat from time to time, so I’m sure the taste is familiar and nostalgic. (time)

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