Kuri-kinton (Sweet chestnut paste)

  • September 28, 2020


It’s September and it feels like it’s finally autumn. Kuri-kinton is what you want to eat in this season. The other day, I bought it for the first time this year at a Japanese sweets shop “Yoshihara-Suzume” near our firm.

There are some famous Kuri-kinton shops in Nakatsugawa, Gifu prefecture.When I checked it with J-PlatPat, it was registered as a regional group registered trademark in 2019 (JP Trademark Registration No. 6190590).

The depressing days will continue, but why not enjoy the delicious taste of autumn? (Marigold)

“Tokuno” Ken-chan

  • September 23, 2020


I feel like eating cold food when it’s hot.
In such a time, it would be great to have a cold tofu that is easy and nutritious.

When I look through tofu section in a supermarket, my eyes always find a certain product.
It is a tofu by Otokomae (Handsome guy) Tofu.
The graphic illustrations of the package are unique and totally different from other tofu packages, and it is a product that you cannot miss seeing even if you do not buy it.

As for the taste, it seems that it is rich and has a good reputation as advertised as “Tokuno” i.e. super rich and creamy. It also has a unique, long and thin shape. Depending on how you arrange it, it could become a gem food that is like a flower to the dining table. (time)

“Ken-chan” is registered as the standard character for “Tokuno Ken-chan” for ” Otokomae Tofu”.
● “Ken-chan” trademark registration number: 5345081

Men’s tofu store https://otokomae.jp/

Smoked Olive Oil

  • September 18, 2020


Hello. This is Hiro.
Following on from the previous article, I will introduce another olive oil-related product.
This olive oil is added a smoked scent by patented technology (Patent No. 4783463: a method for smoking liquid and its device).

I tried it on tofu with soy sauce on top.

The smoked aroma spread in my mouth and it was very delicious. I felt it was a taste for adults that goes well with alcohol.

The contents of this patent can be checked at the link below (J-PlatPat).
Patent No. 4783463 (Click “English” on top right corner)

Reference:kazusa-smoke “patented technology for smoking liquid” (Japanese)

Oi Ocha (a product name of Japanese green tea)

  • September 8, 2020


Sota Fujii won the crown title in one of the eight major title matches in the shogi world, with 4 wins and 0 losses, and became the two-crown holder.
I often saw ITO EN’s “Oi Ocha” in the video of the matches and press conferences.
I looked up about this and found out that Itoen sponsored the crown title match and provided “Oi Ocha” to the players. I’m not sure of a fact, but I wonder if the reason for the sponsorship is because the names of both the title match and the tea product are similar, “Ohi”(meaning throne/crown in Japanese) and “Oi.”

By searching J-PlatPat for this “Oi Ocha” trademark, not only the well-known logo trademark but also the sound trademark “Oi Ocha” in 2015 was designated as “Ocha”, Tea drink” (Registration No. 5805757).
You can play the sound on J-PlatPat, so if you are interested, please search and listen to the sound. (Sakura Mochi)

Chicken Ramen

  • September 7, 2020

#patent #trademark

Today, August 25th is the day of the birth of chicken ramen and the anniversary of instant ramen. Invented by Momofuku Ando, the founder of NISSIN FOODS, the world’s first instant noodle “Chicken Ramen” was launched on August 25, 1958.

Initially, it seemed that sales were not active due to the high price setting, but when similar products and counterfeit products began to appear in the early 1960s, Nissin Foods tried to maintain their brand by causing a lawsuit for their trademark and patent registration.
At the same time, the licensing of the acquired patent was described in the NHK morning drama “Manpuku” broadcast from 2018 to 2019.

In the simple search of J-PlatPat, if you search for “Chicken Ramen” as a keyword, 2 patents and 16 trademarks will come up.
Also, try searching for keywords such as “instant noodles”. (Syszo)

Wikipedia: Chicken Ramen (English)
Wikipedia: Momofuku Ando (English)