“3D Art” on a caramel package

  • December 28, 2022


Caramel is a popular flavor of popcorn, but sometimes I feel like eating caramel itself.
When I think of caramel, the yellow box of “Morinaga Milk Caramel” comes to mind.
The design of the box is interesting to look at because of its history, but when I bought it after a long time, I found that the package had become a “3D art” package that could be enjoyed.

3D Art on a caramel package

Pictures of people and animals are printed on the outer film, which is superimposed on the background printed on the inside of the box to create a space with depth.
It is a simple but exciting device. Hats off to a great idea.

This package won the Bronze Prize in the confectionery category of the “Japan Package Design Award 2023” in 2022. (Time)

Japanese Registered Trademark
Registration number: No. 89075
Registration date: November 6, 1917

SABACHI and TUNACHI – Naming Devices.

  • December 22, 2022


 I would like to introduce some snacks I recently ate, and thought were delicious.
 They are “SABACHI” mackerel chips and “TUNACHI” tuna chips.


 They are crispy and have a light salty taste, while the ” SABACHI ” has a slight sweetness as well. Each is made with 70% mackerel and tuna, respectively, so the fish flavor is amazing. They are like the mackerel and tuna versions of Bankaku’s Yukari, a famous snack in the Tokai region (a rice cracker richly flavored with shrimp). The fact that it looks healthy is also a great point.


 It is a little hard to tell, but the reddish one is “TUNACHI”. In my family, the “TUNACHI” is more popular by three to one.


 On the package, there is an indication “Trademark registration pending,” but the trademark for the letters “SABACHI” (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6321782) and the package (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6437358) and the trademark for the letters “TUNACHI” (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6376443) and the package (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6361490) have been registered, respectively. The “SABACHI” and “TUNACHI” trademarks were registered.

 “SABACHI” and “TUNACHI” seem to have been coined by abbreviating the ending (PS) of “SABACHIPS” and “TUNACHIPS,” respectively, but if “SABACHIPS” or “TUNACHIPS” had been applied for, the application would have been rejected under Article 3(1)(iii) of the Trademark Law (a trademark that merely indicates the quality of goods in a common manner). Whether or not it was to avoid this reason for refusal is not known, but the above trademarks were applied for under “SABACHI” and “TUNACHI” by devising the naming, and the registration was granted without receiving any notice of reason for refusal (Hiro).

My personal No. 1 snack in 2022

  • December 14, 2022


It is the end of the year.
In 2022, I ate various snacks, both Japanese and Western, and I would like to introduce the one that left the greatest impression on me.
It is the “Zunda Shake” from Zunda Saryo, which is run by Sendai-based Kasho Sanzen Co., Ltd.
Zunda Shake is a sweet vanilla shake mixed with Zunda (mashed edamame beans). It is said that many people are captivated by this exquisite combination.

Zunda Shake

I have been wanting to try it for several years but have never had the chance, but I finally had the chance to drink it at the Great Tohoku Exhibition held at JR Nagoya Takashimaya in November this year.
Zunda Shake was as delicious as I had hoped it would be over the years, and I downed it in no time at all. (A few days later, I went back to buy some more…)
I hope to have another such delicious encounter next year.

The trademark in the photo, consisting of “a figure of edamame (*)” and “ZUNDA SARYO,” was registered on October 22, 2004 for the designated service “provision of food and drink” (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 4812488).

* The graphic portion is yellowish green in the photo, but is represented in yellow in the registered trademark.


What Will Happen? TOKIO-BA” in Nishigo Village, Fukushima Prefecture

  • December 7, 2022


I traveled to Fukushima Prefecture in October. It was my first visit in over three years due to the Corona disaster.
While enjoying the autumn leaves that began to change colors earlier than in Nagoya, I saw Mt. Iimori, the place of the Byakkotai’s suicide attack, and “Sazae-do” (official name: Entsu Sansodou) with its unusual architectural style, and “Ouchi-juku” where houses with thatched roofs line the street and the atmosphere of the Edo period remains.

During the trip, I went to that “TOKIO-BA” because I just passed near Nishigo Village.


“TOKIO-BA” is a creative project started by three members of TOKIO, who are working to promote the appeal of Fukushima Prefecture, in Nishigo Village, Fukushima Prefecture. On the day I visited, “Fukusima BArche”, a marche selling Fukushima products, was being held and many people were visiting.

TOKIO-BA seems to have 80,000 square meters of land, but there is almost nothing there yet.
A search for “TOKIO-BA” on J-PlatPat shows that a Japanese trademark application has been filed.
Looking at the designated goods or designated services seems to give us a glimpse of what they are trying to do here. I look forward to seeing what they are going to do in the future.(Syszo)

TOKIO-BA – TOKIO Inc. (Japanese only)